Juliettsstyleglam, real name Chinyere Juliet EWELIKE-EJEM is a Nigerian Igbo woman living in France. With a very shy personality which people don't know about, her passion for the world of fashion has always been since she was a little kid. At the university, she tended to always move with the fashion trends of the time and this uncanny passion for make up and jewellery. Though in her growing up years her make up was limited to black eye pencil and lip gloss. She always felt that to use make up, technics had to be applied. At juliettsstyleglam, make up is bold, it's subtle, it's sublime, it has no rules. It's all about making the extraordinary out of the ordinary.

juliettsstyleglam and fashion are like twins, they come from different parents but share the same DNA. At juliettsstyleglam is all about bringing out the elegance, sophistication  & chic in you while keeping it simple and bold. Using couture fabrics to the to most common fabrics and infusing haute couture embroidery & embellishments.  I design and create my own style and mostly borrowing inspiration from all around me. I tend to see the style in the fabric and how it adorns the body.

Jada Pinkett Smith said " If I had my way, I'd wear jewellery, a great pari of heels and nothing else".
That's what juliettsstylglam jewellery is all about. Jewellery that gives you that sense of being clothed, sexy and loved at the same time. Her jewellery embodies crystal swarovksis, pearls, precious and semi precious stones all made in simplicity and love for the craft which she took time tolerant while performing her paramilitary service to her country. 

All items are purchased on the site and you get a first hand glimpse of the look and read on the look before purchase. And if in difficulty on what to wear, how to wear and be confident, we go the extra mile to include our image/style consultancy in for you to make things exceptionally easy for you.

See the look, Get the style, Elegance in simplicity.
Happy Elegance shopping

“Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.” 
― Coco Chanel