Hello blog lovers, Here's wishing you a very wonderful and Happy Valentine. Did someone say Yay? !!!!. Well I'm sure that's for those who've got someone special in mind. I was really touched by a poem and an excerpt from a wonderful person whom I follow on instagram @nhn_couture. She gave her story of true love in a nut shell. Each time you look at her pictures you see a genuine smile that comes from the heart. It shows a fulfilled woman and a happy home. I've never met her neither has she me but I sense a good soul when I see one. I'm not saying this for only the women, but to everyone of us married or not. Valentine's day comes everyday it all depends on if you want it that way. The key remains loving oneself before you can love someone else. Don't hang onto that relationship out of desperation or imagine that there's no one for you. Don't stay there because your friends are married and you're not, don't imagine that because you got pregnant by him or her that it equals marriage. No, love is all about loving oneself first before you can love someone else " Love your neighbour as you love yourself" Matthew 22:39. If you haven't loved yourself how can you love someone else. You know someone whom I was dating a while back told me that without him I was nothing. I asked myself throughout the course of that relationship what did I do or how did I portray myself to warrant that kind of statement and It hit me, Most of us put ourselves in that vulnerable spot that our weaknesses become another person's weapon. Need I say I left that relationship to see the nothingness I would be and today I'm happily married to the most wonderful man in the world. He who God ordained for me and I have no regrets whatsoever neither do I see the nothingness anywhere. I am who God says I am. So darlings have the most beautiful, wonderful and memorable valentine's day celebration ever and never doubt God's ability to do all things. xoxo :) P.S You can look up nhn couture @nhn_couture on instagram

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