Hey loves, hope you're all doing great? Well, as for me aside a little accident I'm great. For a while now with my continued long stay in Europe, I began to realise that my skin got more and more sensitive, with the strong changes in weather conditions and especially the cold season (winter). I also realised that my skin got more irritable to chemically based products as time went by.

Now don't get me wrong guys, I'm not saying that there are people who chemically based products don't agree with or that we all can't use them. Any who, I decided to start using bio based products ( Mind you though France is purported to have very good cosmetics in the world, but most are not tailored for black skin. That said, I went walking on one of those days hunting and testing products from store to store (Don't judge me) and I walked into Saga store. 

Please allow me to introduce you to Vegetables secrets. Skin products made purely from vegetables. That's a first right? I got the Tea tree toner which is sans alcohol and so refreshing. Used before and after you take a shower or clean your makeup. And boy does it get squeaky clean. Then the serum which helps to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles. It's active ingredient is tomato or carrots ( comes in 2 different types) and both are amazing.

The face moisturising cream made from tomatoes should be my favourite of all the product range. Used after cleaning and applying the face serum.  And lest I forget the one which replaced the Mac Fix+ for me is the Unifying sparkling dew made from artichoke ( Can you believe that? Insane isn't it? *smiling sheepishly* I know). And that's how my love affair with these products began. I'm on the third set right now and for the price. Unbelievable!!!!. If you're interested in VEGETABLE SECRETS follow the highlighted link.

That's all folks.

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