Well many would be asking , wetin come be your own for this youtube video,but leave matter, my own dey there.  Over the years I've seen myself grow to love the Nigerian music scene and even the stars. Yes, they are according to the French "Il faut penser a ceux qui vient de ton ventre". And that's what I'm doing here. I'm giving a shout out to Phyno aka Phynofino. I got to discover him via Facebook though a former FGGC Sagamu school mate shout out to Amaka Oguchi "Pro Unitate". Ever since then I've been watching this brother and nwa afo -igbo grow and distinguish himself. His genre of music and beats has no match. He is unique, single- handedly raps straight in the igbo language which happens to be the most difficult language to learn in Nigeria. He is the man to watch people. Shout out also to my other brother who has changed the highlife scene also. I'll be doing my piece on you very soon bro @2niteflavor.

So loves, I'll be seeing y'all mgbe n'adi ro anya m e en

xoxo   :)


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