Hey ladies and gents, how are you all doing today.  It was one of those days when I wanted to have a full pic taken of my outfit and it just wasn't happening for me as i'm neither a photographer nor can I perform astral travel to be in a million places at once, so my boo was my photographer today and I must say it was one hell of a photoshoot.
Hmmm..... I bet y'all can imagine what went down during the photoshoot. Between arguing and quarelling on how to place the camera #ohthethingswomendo :) Eventually boo came up with these pics and I fell in love with them #afterallthehassle. The pink top was paired with black pants from mango, gold damask blazer, shoes by minelli summer of 2013 wristwatch by Fossil and of course sporting my natural hair of course in a twisted weave. Happy viewing.


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