Hello everyone and welcome once more to my blog. This topic has been on my mind since the school season started a few days ago and it goes out to all the mums out there, the papas and students. Today we'll be talking about "back to school" problems. One might wonder why it's a problem, for those of us who've got kids the stress of buying new stuff for school, shopping and even spending isn't all that much fun. So we're going to take these points one at a time.

1. Spending- When it's time to go back to school especially after spending a long vacation, incurring expenses during vacation, I bet coming back to spend more money on back to school items isn't fun. I remember while growing up in Nigeria, I had purposely destroyed a pair of my "cortina bata"( For those who wore cortina they know what I'm talking about) just because first and foremost I didn't like it and secondly I wanted a new pair of something different. Fast forward to the present, and a mummy later, check me out crossing out lists and items from my baby's, school list. Over here you really  don't have a choice in the matter cos the school sends the list, so what did super mummy do, I went through the old stuff and checked off the things he had that were still re-usable and the ones that had to be replaced. Moral of the story? Shine your eyes.

2. Organisation- This one is specifically for those of us who live abroad and have seen how easy it is to get a housekeeper or nanny. Going back to school is a time for parents to fret once more over who brings the children back from school, where could they stay after school who's going to take care of them ? You know all that good stuff. I tell you it doesn't seem as easy as super nanny makes it look on TV. I haven't started school yet, so it gives me a little leverage and time to put my house in order, this is where "la garderie" check here ( You know where you can keep your little munchkins before mum and dad get in from work) comes into play. so you get the gist, it could come a little bit pricey but hey, "make hay while the sun shines" has never sounded so wise so you don't find yourself in a very tight situation.

3. Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise - Oh yes, I said it. Ca ne vaut pas de la peine, de s'aller se coucher en retard. ( It doesn't make any sense going to bed late). Back to school does that to you. Turning in on time is your catalyst to function super well for the day. Be it around your kids or at school or at work. Don't even bother with the late night caps you like to enjoy or movies etc. The kids need to be in bed early enough, as well as mum and dad. A grumpy mummy or daddy doesn't bode well for the household and trust me I'm one of those people who hate to see children cry to school. School would be fun for the kids and the mornings should also be peaceful enough to let them transition into the day's activities at school. It could be a bore sometimes and somewhat annoying especially for people like me who function better at night when everywhere's quiet and calm, but like I said it's "Back to school brouhaha." :)

So my loves, I'm going to stop here on this post. Do tell me what y'all think. Do you function the same way ? Write up your own back to school tips and tricks in the comments section, I'd love to read about them. Is back to school fun for you or nah?

So till my next post loves, remain beautiful and gorg.



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