Hi loves, how are you all doing today? So as you all know fall is almost upon us and aside from the fact that we all have to get back into coats and boots, the cold isn't one of the best things to look forward to. While we all still ponder over what to wear for the change of the season, a girl's got to look good right? So I've been hunting for real nice colors to help us transition into the fall look and of course they're matte. Yes go for it,

matte colors during the cold. Did I hear someone say, it's going to get our lips chapped, well loves not with this one. Introducing you to the rouge edition velvet by bourjois.  It's drugstore and the quality of the packaging talks to me.Now girls, I haven't done a full trial with these colors, but this much I can say, it leaves your lips far from dry so we have a winner.(yay!!!). I would be coming up with a series of reviews on these babies here and they're a new collection. I got these three in colors, grand cru, don't pink of it, plum plum girl
Tip:( whispers) I heard a bird the other day whisper and tell me that right now in certain retail stores (mono prix) in France they're going for 4€ less. Can you believe that :o.

Alors, so long my darlings. Talk soon....


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