By juliettsstyleglam - September 14, 2015

"Red is the great clarifier - bright, cleansing and revealing, it makes all colors beautiful. I can't imagine becoming bored with red. It would be like becoming bored with the person you love. -Diana Vreeland"

Hello juliettsstyle readers and welcome to another week on my blog. The weekend was quite hectic for me as I was on an emergency make up transformation on a client. She lived in Nice and came to Nantes to have her wedding over the weekend. She didn't know anyone
and the poor darling was so frightened. But it came out all good and she loved her transformation. Didn't the good book say that all things worketh for good to those that love God...... Romans 8:28 ? Hell yeah, I'm one of them :). Anyways if y'all recall in my last post on bourjois rouge velvet edition I mentioned that I hadn't tried that out yet and you'd be the first to know once I did.

Well, here it is. I've never been one to be drawn to drugstore products but many of you will agree with me that most of the more expensive ranges of make up products are being given a run for their money. It's velvety and smooth application is so smooth and flawless. At first it seemed a bit rough and then I remembered watching Nikkietutorials whom I follow by the way on Youtube on how to apply lipsticks like this like a pro and my problem was solved. It's a one application full coverage type of lippie and dries almost immediately as you apply. The pigment is quite intense I must say, so on a scale of 1- 10 I'll give this product an 8 which is quite plutot good in my opinion and lastly, it stayed put all day. (This picture was taken at the end of the day after eating et al.)

P.S You'll have to use a moisturising red lipstick first as a base before applying the velvet matte, OR rather that's how I wear mine. I'll be coming up with the other lippie looks which I got and I'll let you know how they pan out.
How would you wear your bourjois velvet matte lippies? Would you moisturise first or just apply directly? Leave your comments down below. i'd love to know.
Until my next blog, so long......

Grand cru
Grand cru
Grand cru
Grand cru
Grand cru

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