Wet day for a Monday, I've never really liked Mondays so with the rain it kind of sealed it for me but hey behind dark clouds we all try to find a silver lining. So even though the weather was a dampener on my spirits, I still tried to find a soothing makeup look. Lately, I've been doing mattes and I seem to have fallen into habit with them. They come out as chic for me. What do you guys think ? While taking the photos I felt a little embarrassed as there were passers by staring considering it's the beginning of the school year. I'm a shy person so public display comes out very difficult for me. All of the make up I used for this look were all budget friendly and the quality of what you can get from them is amazing. Of course being on vacation, I explored drug store products from another part of Europe and I tell you, I'm getting a lot of value for my argent (money). So long my sweet hearts.


Products used:
Foundation: Balck Opal- Beautiful bronze
Blush: sleek cosmetics eyeshadow palette
Lips: Sleek cosmetics twist up lip pencil

Park Avenue Mono eyeshadow- Terracotta
Biguine make up - Corail code
P.S This product isn't found on its website, but if you know high end stores in your area, there's a strong chance you'll find it there. I'll be doing a review on this product soon.

Brushes - Barbara Hoffman: SHOP HERE 

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