So while vacationing in the northern part of Europe, Belgium to be precise, if you'd read my previous post on my last make up look I spoke about some products which I got from a store called Di. Anyways right down to the business of the day, I am a product junkie and when I mean products i'm talking cosmetics, make up, nail polish,hair etc. For someone who used to be a tomboy it still beats me how I got here. So while cruising the stores in City 2, I stumbled upon these lovely mono eyeshadows. ( I got them in 5 colours). I wasn't so sure what it was going to give and I knew I would literally cry if they didn't turn out as I wanted.

Alors, I was able to create this look with one of these lovely beauties which could easily be a dupe for the melt cosmetics range. If you follow me on Instagram you'll see my latest picture there and I must tell you the pigments on this eyeshadow is scary. Most times 

I have to consciously remind myself to start with little and build up so that I don't have too much on, but guys a little comes a long way. The products I doubt have any publicity but this right here gives melt cosmetics a run for their money.  I've spent a lot of my time and energy looking for products that could compensate the high end ranges, not because I don't like them but for the simple fact that most products that retail in the USA are difficult to come by in France and if eventually you find them the cost of shipping takes away all the fun or most times they don't ship to France. ( So unfair). Now, unfortunately these products retail in Belgium and I haven't seen any here in France for the moment but hey you could always go for Mac cosmetics range in Eye shadow palette "Purple Times Nine" which of course you all know retails for about 15-20 euros. Guess how much I got these ? €4.50-no joke :o

So, till I see you my loves next time, Its with all my love I say ....


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