"The best thing is to look natural, but it takes makeup to look natural".-Calvin Klein

And that's exactly how I feel about this palette right here.......
Hello juliettsstyle blog lovers, I hope you're all having a fab weekend. Seriously after a whole week slugging it out at school, I just want to sleep and keep going. Luckily though, a classmate of mine from Kenya had her birthday yesterday  and it was a barbecue party. Can you beat that, barbecue in fall ? (surprise face & a smile) I know !!!!!! :). The weather has been amazing in France. Oh, I wish Fall could just go on like this. dreameerrr!!!! Okay- Chinyere wake up!! Anyways, coucou Victoria Gathogo and a wonderful birthday once more to you.

So like I stated here slugging it out school hasn't made it easy for me to blog as often as I should. Today I'm sharing with you all my go to nude palette which I have been using lately. Unbelievably pigmented and beautiful. i bring to you the SEPHORA IT PALETTE. I'm one of those people who actually can't walk by a cosmetics or make up store without walking inside cos I always believe there's something for me. So when I saw this palette I was expecting it to have a grandiose name like #marcjacobs et al since he's been on a roller coaster on make up products which I'd be doing it's review soon. Anyways, I checked the packaging which was quite impressive, so I'm going to take it one after the other. 

First of this palette comes in a nude pinkish leather casing which is truly lovely to see and touch cos of its foamed cushioning, the closure is magnetic and then when you open it.... voila ! All shades of nude fabulousness  nudeasticness. 
I tell you the pigmentation on this palette is magnifique. I'm beginning to speak French just describing this palette. With my school timetable like someone who's training for the army, I just pull this baby out and three shades later I'm done.

The palette also comes with a double headed brush,one for application and the other for precision and then an eye pencil which I haven't begun to use but it's quite pigmented as well. It comes in a darkish copper colour. (You itching yet to go try it out?) hehehehehe. And lastly, the price is quite affordable abordable. for 29.90€ it's a dream come true. Like I stated earlier, I'm tight on time but when I can I'll be posting looks with this palette.

So until my next post, love y'all plenty.

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