The Bodyshop "drops of youth concentrate"

Hello blog lovers I'm glad to be in front of a computer once again writing. Oh loves you can't believe the relief I feel just knowing I'm not doing homework or school stuff. As for the school stuff I still have one more week to slug it out before I get my vacation, so be happy for me.  Like y'all know ya gurl is a cosmetic junkie, and as much as I want to feel differently, I can't and I love it every step of the way. my husband says I'm a junkie in everything.(I'm sure you guys don't believe that) :).
So, back to my  one of my favorite products,
I got converted to bodyshop products 3 years ago. Now people, I'd heard quite a lot about how paraben was bad for the skin and as much as I was in love with cosmetics, I'd decided to stay away from products with paraben. One day a lady told me a story on how it was marketing propaganda, and I'm sure you all get the gist now. All in all I went in for bodyshop products and I haven't looked back ever since. I actually dumped most of the high end ranges I was used to just for them and the fact that they are involved in sustainable development practices just drew me in. That's how serious it is!!.

This is the serum from the bodyshop range. Now I contemplated buying the lancome serum which is like 5x the cost of this miracle right here. The next day after using it you'll notice a visible difference in the texture of your skin and shine to it, visible reduction of wrinkles(anti-wrinkle) and a younger looking skin. The perfume is subtle and beautiful, it also exists in 50ml and the 30ml lasts for up to six months.

Now this product comes with a tube like syringe attached to the cover. so all you do is push the pump and you get a one drop pump. If you want more that's entirely up to you, but one drop is just about enough. In this sense you ain't worried about waste, so you get value for your money. It's quite a simple packaging.  So far so good I've only had a wonderful experience with this product; On it's pricing it's quite on the average but in comparison to what bodyshop products price ranges are, it comes in expensive.

The application of the drops of youth concentrate is done like most anti age products using the top part of your fingers and done in upward strokes from the neck to cheeks and the forehead.

Do I have any regrets so far using this product? No, I haven't and of course with a hydrating moisturiser for your skin after application and you feel great. You could totally use this product on a day you don't feel up to it to make up and you still come out looking like a million bucks, which is one of the reasons I'm addicted. On my clients it's a marvel for make up application.

Has anyone ever tried this product yet? What's your experience ? How would you rate it compared to all other high end ranges? Have you had any bad experiences yet?

Leave all your comments below, I'd like to hear all about them.

'Til we meet once more sweethearts, It's good bye from me.


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