Bonjour mes amours. How are you all doing this fine Sunday evening. I couldn't keep away even if I wanted to. Despite the workload I have and my forth coming exams, I smell this as probably my last chance to do this. Anyways if you follow me on the IG, you must have seen this pic and I promised to give a full outfit look when #mbathingsallow. So what i've decided to do is to have two posts up  simultaneously, so that should cover me at least till I'm through with my exams.

Like I said on Instagram, don't y'all just love the look of the ol' #chignon? Well, too say the truth it's the easiest thing I can do to my hair at this moment view the circumstances. With winter making it's entre√© into France quite late this year, I decided to do a fashion spin on things which I really don't do often and hopefully will do more. Anywho, I was really feeling the look and that highlight that's shining to the moon and back!!!!. I decided to go for #darklips and #nudeeyes. the inspiration for this look actually came from +sonjdradeluxe and I feel the look die. Watch her vids like crazy.
So as I was saying, with winter debuting quite late, sister must cover body and look sexy at the same time.

Hope you all enjoy this look as much as I did. And feel free to post your versions of this look as well. I'd like to see yours as well.

Products used:
Foundation- Black Up cream to powder foundation  N° 11
Eyebrows- Benefits brow zings - dark
Eyes- Philip Martin's bronzing powder doré
The bodyshop wonderblur face primer
Lips-Rouge Divine Eugene perma Espana
Eyeshadow-<reserve Naturelle


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