Hello Loves & a wonderful Christmas to y'all. The holiday fever is catching on and I'll tell you this I'm highly infected now & infectious. (lool) not even the cold can deter me this season. Warmest winter though. Most times I secretly wish it could really be cold to challenge my fashion sense for the very cold days.

I was feeling @therealmaryjblige type of way for this look. Someone recently asked me what was with all the revamped styles and I told the person I'm trying to make the best of all I've got. Realised I buy quite a lot and most times, I've got outfits that I haven't even worn more than once, and this blazer from @jordache is one of them. That hat I could could count how many times I've worn it. Like I was saying I was inspired by Mary J. Blige for this look and like it or not I'm a sucker for hats. Yep, they get to me and it's a must have for this season. It really gives your look that edgy feel and it's a classic. You could never go wrong with a hat.

Ask Mary J. she'll tell you( haha). The blazer is from @jordache which I got in the winter of 2012 and I've worn only twice. You see my life!!!!. And I must dare say that the look came out much better than I anticipated.
 I paired the blazer with a pair of jeans which I'm sorry I don't have a picture of and a pair of boots from +ShoeDazzle.

 So guys for lack of gist to gist you guys, I'm going to stop here and please do leave your comments and questions in the  comments section. I'd love to read what you think about this look. 
And keep spreading the love of Christmas wherever you are.


Make Up by @juliettsstyle
Jewellery by @juliettsstyle
peridot ring pearl ear rings

Blazer @jordache
boots @shoedazzle
hat marche de noel Nantes
silk scarf

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