Hello glamazons, I know, I know it' been like forever and I'm so sorry (sad face) But we are almost at the finish line. No use giving up now. So this post is up on my instagram so don't be alarmed :o . I love weddings and the kind of joy it brings to my heart. This weekend a very good friend of mine renewed her vows and it was so sweet to witness such a grand and humbling event. The awesomeness of true love and God in the institution called marriage.  For me weddings are also an occasion to bring your fashion side to the fore and possibly make a  fashion statement

So for the occasion my style inspiration came from Cate Blanchette ( love her to pieces) from the movie #disneycinderella. All her clothes just killed me and gave me life. hehehehe
Don't mind the mouth here, I can't remember what I was trying to laugh or frown about. Anyways a lovely week to you all.

My outfit was made by my wonderful couturier David of the The Rock Fashion House. Thanks for making me look fab.

Teal & Brown silk taffeta skirt
Teal silk satin puff sleeved top
Shoes/ Escarpins Sabinel  by heyraud
Make up by me
Fascinator-powdered pink bought +Accessorize 

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