Hello glamazons, how are you all settling in to the feel of spring in the air. For me, it's akin to when life is just birthed. I look to hearing the chirping of the birds and the showers of rain. The smell of wet grass and little bugs burrowing into the earth. It's so magical and poetic, well for me that is. Anyone share this emotional state of my mind as well ? (sticking tongue out)........

Well spring in France could be very tricky sometimes because the weather in Nantes is so unpredictable but I never fail to jump on the band wagon once the weather announces itself majestically. For this look, really, I wasn't sure of what to wear but the mind is such a wonderful thing. I decided to do tombo tombo that day. So, here's a breakdown of all that I wore.

First and foremost the pearls are the first thing I knew, I was going to wear to give this outfit the love it deserved? If you all recall, I'm crazy about jewelry. Then, I went in with a sequin top which is from Molly Bracken, full view on my IG @juliettsstyleglam.

My blazer is a tweed blazer which made a fashion statement this fashion season and guys, I can't even tell you the kind of mad love I have for this fabric. Made popular by the Brits and Scots if I'm not mistaken. Quite a versatile fabric especially when the seasons are in between and they add the chic feel to your looks which you all know I'm all about. My tweed blazer is actually thrifted and no be today I buy am, so please no vex for me. It's a keeper and I think everyone should have one in their wardrobe. It's one of those fabrics that never grow old and never go out of fashion; It keeps making a comeback just like lace as I said here

Of course if you look closely, I have my swarovski Attract Pearl Pierced Earrings which is actually on sales at the moment. Don't judge, swarovski remains one the best jewellery makers and I've said this before, compared to gold they gat me (looooooool). I wore them of course to bring some sparkle to my look and I've explained this and why. I also decided to spot this look with a bob wig which takes chic to a higher level. I find that hair styles with thick bangs do bring out the chicism in a look depending on what you're going for especially business looks. It helps hide imperfections if any, narrows down the face structure and makes flat noses look pointed. (Ha ha)

Now we can see the full look here, I went also for a pair of tweed cut-outs which are also thrifted (once again I apologise for this as it's been a while I had this as well) and I went for this beautiful red silk scarf to add some colour and vibrance to the look.

Accessorised with my leather clutch as seen here for details. And lastly my moccasins shoes from Pepe Jeans which I bought as far back as 2010 or 2011, but yes, it's served me that long hence, the need to invest in quality people. It's value for money especially when it comes to shoes and bags. You reap the fruits of such investments in the durability of the product.

That being said my loves, how did you do for your spring looks ? Post your looks and you could tell me why you liked the look. Until the next post darlings...... 


Products used
Tweed cut-outs & blazer - Thrifted
Moccasins - Pepe Jeans
Leather clutch
Sequins Top - Molly Bracken
Red silk scarf
Gold coloured Pearls
Swarovski earrings

Make up by me

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