Floral prints and gathered flayed skirts, these are what're making the rounds this fashion season and yours truly hitched a ride.
Hello lovies and welcome to Juliettsstyleglam.  While were still savouring the beauty of Spring, I totally fell in love with the flayed and gathered skirts which have made a hit with yours truly first and foremost and on the runway. Thanks to the likes of @ashistudio @RalphandRusso @Moeshour et al just to name a few who have graced the runways with these ample full skirts lined with tulle fabric and crinoline. These beauties are a must have in a fashionista's wardrobe ..........

They come in all varieties satins, damask, scuba, tulle, tafettas, cotton, and so on, so there are no rules in the playing field with these style beauties.
And what's more even our dear Christian sisters could have a go in these beautiful skirts as they suit every body type and height. No worries on hiding narrow hips or accentuating them. And you could wear these babies with virtually anything from corporate office looks just by adding a blazer on to casual and dinner.

As for me, I decided to go with a navy blue shirt atop my skirt as there happens to be a little blue on the skirt and need I say the weather was so beautiful it was making to feel one kain (In my Nigerian English) loool

The skirt came with pockets as I think pockets really make the skirt stand out from a regular skirt especially the invisible type. And it was made by my couturier who's totally awesome by the way. I've always been a lover of tailored clothes, so imagine my excitement when I found a couturier in France, not just in France in Nantes, this my small city.

Okay moving along, I accessorised with a pair of yellow escarpins in velour by Burton of London. with this store, if you're a size 41, you'll have to always buy stuff really super early before sales, cos that's the toughest size to find in their store. Comfortable shoes by the way and sturdy heels, a plus for me when it comes to shoes.

And that dear loves, is how I played dress up for one of my Spring looks. On a parting note, I feel we shouldn't be afraid to use colours to express our fashion side especially in the Spring. Look as beautiful as the flowers, cos God made them beautiful for us to emulate in their beauty and splendour.

Peace out......... 

Skirt - Tailored by David (The Rock Fashion House) 
Blue shirt - Don't remember (sorry guys)
Yellow Shoes in velour - Burton of London
Make up - Me


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