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How are you all doing this fine Thursday? So, very recently I've been on a quest to ump my skin care regimen and I've sure got a surprise for y'all. Anyway as you all know I'm very particular about my skin and skin care products and believe me when this sister tells you that I've used all sorts, I really have used all sorts. Now as I said here, you'll understand why my quest for the wonderful products is a must. Now before I go further

 I would like to state here that I've been a firm believer of using good products as long as they agree with your skin. I've also stated here on how I find natural products to be very good for the skin. Nonetheless, I would also write a 

DISCLAIMER: I use products that are quite expensive and some not but that isn't to say that you should as well. I do believe as well that some products are worth the expense, while some are totally not worth it. But where a product is expensive and it delivers, I'd rather spend on that product and be happy about the results I'm getting. I would also say that it's better to begin the fight against wrinkles and looking for a glowing skin than waiting till the ravages of time before you begin.

Now that being said here's list of my products of the moment and I'd like to take you through a step by step process of how I use them.
As earlier stated in my quest for beautiful skin, which by the way helps for a wonderful make up application, the first product on this list :

Skinade: As you all know collagen is an essential part of our body and skin's DNA and this product is a collagen drink, all naturelle as usual. It's my first go to every morning to give a healthier glowing skin, which looks well rested and re pulped. Within 2weeks of using this products the results are amazing and the company says in a month, but glamazons, I have been on a ride since I started with this product. Not to be taken with caffeine or caffeinated products till after about an hour or two and yes, could be taken in the afternoon if you missed it during the morning. Contains Vitamins B2, which you can get a whiff off when you open the bottle and I tell you I'm not a fan of Vitamin B but  who cares (lool) I'm having fun. Now the downside of this product is the price, as it retails for almost a £100 for a 30 day pack. But hey to each his own...... ( I will be writing a post to give more info on this product)

Step 2: I use the Body Shop sea weed oil balancing toner  after taking my bath, which I use as a cleanser and a make up remover. It has a minty freshness to it and helps to get rid of excess make up keeping my skin refreshed and since I've got oils in my T zone, it actually does help to balance it out and give my skin a natural glow.

Step 3: As you all know, my product regimen must have a serum in ti. Omo that serum of a thing is no joke found read up here. Nivea has been on a roll lately DAMN !!!!!! (Oh pardon my french) And I just decided to gravitate towards a drugstore product this time and I tell you this product delivers. Usually used after cleansing my face and I apply about 2-3 pumps on my face. Helping to tighten those gaping pores of mine.

Step 4: I finish off with my fetish. I cannot begin to explain the beauty of the vegetable secrets, which is sold by a French company on this side of the planet. Made totally of natural products, VEGETABLES !!!!!!!!. Can you beat that and I don't go a day without this baby.

So step 5 consists make up removal of the day which even though yo girl is fagged out like a scurrying mouse, I can't help it. It's a must. Y'all know that you shouldn't and never go to bed with make up on don't ya ? So, after the stress of the day, I use the Nivea eau micellaire which I'm sorry isn't featured in this post but you can find here for it's beautiful softness and care on my skin. As you all know yo gurl has got sensitive skin, so I always look for products that are gentle to the skin especially black skin and the Nivea comes in 3 ranges to suit your skin type , so no worries.

Step 6: Is the final step of my daily routine which for me is a moment of relaxation I tell you. You may not understand for that's what it is. It's the time I actually get to massage my face which by the way is very good in taking care of fine wrinkles and blood circulation on the face. Check out renowned make up artist Sir John's video to see how its done. After I make sure my make up is cleaned out THOROUGHLY, I apply the Q10+ booster pearls which contains Hyaluronic acid which is an anti wrinkle serum and contains Q10 coenzymes, finally I re-apply the vegetables secrets moisturizer and all through massaging and tapping softly as I do so.

Wow!!!! It's been a pretty long post, but I felt I had to do a  step by step process, to understand how and why I use these products and the benefits I derive from them. Lastly, these particular Nivea products are actually summer friendly as they aren't heavy on the face and the consistency is just right for a facial application.
And on that not my loves,

A wonderful day to you all and looking forward to writing my next blog.

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Bisous Mes Cheris

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