"I was made for you, you were made for me
Baby can't you see"

Those were the words by "Banky W" (our own Nigerian lover boy/R Kelly) that came into my mind for this post. It's that period of the year when weddings bells are tolling and babies are being born........

and baptised. Of course we all blame it on the need for good weather to look as radiant as possible. (You all know how the sun makes the skin glow just after the cold harsh winter right ...) hehehehe. I actually found myself in one of those situations........ well Two actually and I decided to come up with a compilation for these events; It actually occurred to me as well that most people do posts for weddings et al but hardly for pre weddings and/or  baptisms.

I've developed an ongoing affinity for  nudes and the dusty rose color and boy do they spell chic as the names sound. I find that most people do whites and ivory, but the nudes and pastel take sophistication to a whole new level. (Y'all know ya gurl loves the chic and sophisticated don't ya :) (winks)

Y'all need to go check out the likes of @zuhairmurad, @ElieSaabOfficial @georgeshobeika et al killing the red carpet this season with the nudes and and all those beautiful sparkle. Now for the nudes, I would strongly recommend having some sparkle on to make you shine through as the colours  could make you look washed out. As you see here with Swarovski earrings on.

And yes, why not a dress. I've always believed a woman should wear a dress most times (don't get me wrong, I wear pants too and I love them) I have a thing about being chic, class and oozing sophistication comes in a dress (Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. Anyone remember the polo scene ?) Yeah now see what I mean, she underwent a transformation. that's what a dress does to you. Alors, as I mentioned here my, outfit is from Molly Bracken, and paired with a pair of nudes sabinel from Heyraud, and seriously guys just forget about where I got the bag from, cos it's been ages and my husband got it for me. All I can say is that the bag is leather tagged "caroline" and finally the sweater or gilet as we call it in France is also by Molly Bracken. And finally, spotted fossil wristwatch.


For the second outfit, It comes in dentelle lace. I love this dress so much more cos I see so many possibilities with this one. Both as pre wedding outfit and a godmother  outfit as well as the parents of the child being baptised as well. In my tomboy years I remember never really liking dentelle lace, as time went on the fabric has never gone out of season and remains versatile. Dentelles are keepers and classics for most occasions where we're not sure what to wear. You'll never go wrong with dentelle, which I recommend every woman should have in her wardrobe. Like I said here, when wearing nudes, make sure you've got some sparkle somewhere to make you shine through baby ..... loool !!!

Complete the look with a pair of black string sandals which is @ a totally affordable price. Hey people sophictcation doesn't necessarily mean expensive. It's how you mix and match that truly matters. So open toes string sandals are a must for the coming warm weather (better believe that)  which was totally inexpensive. And lastly, my glitter purse which is from a street market somewhere in Belgium valued at 10 euros at the time of purchase ...... hihihihihi

Aaaand that will be all folks. Sorry I bombarded the post with pics. (I loved them so and they all looked fab.

Shoes - Sabinel by Heyraud

Sandals from Soko Boutique Nantes

Clutch by Caroline

Purse (belgium market)

Dresses by Molly Bracken

Wristwatch by Fossil


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