"The makeup is simply an extension of the personality and colors, clothing, makeup all express something." 
-Gene Simmons

How are you all doing this fine day my glamazons. I  had the opportunity to express my self in my final class during the MBA year and your one true love naturally gravitated towards the use of makeup express myself. Someone once said that makeup isn't art but your ability to transform and use techniques and colors differently, then it becomes an art and I wholly agree.

Francois Nars said, "Treat your makeup like jewelry for the face, Play with colours, shapes, structure- it can transform you".

The inspiration for this artwork took me from just the power of makeup to the thought that makeup is an extension of one's personality. From the colors and hues, one plays with to the application and quantity depending on what we're trying to highlight. I called this one GOLD" because gold is such a versatile color. It tells personality like no other colour. An embodiment of good and evil if I must use this term.
Gold represents wisdom, wealth, an achiever, an Acer. One who strives for gold is hardworking, it can't be achieved by those who sit down and wait for success to fall on their lap. Gold is success.

I could go on and on its attributes but I'd rather personify this marvelous colour to each and every one of you out there. You are the gold, you are the achievers, it's all of you who make my blogging and presence on social media possible. This is not to inflate your egos but success isn't a story that isn't written without including those who helped during the journey and that is why this piece is dedicated to you all, mothers, fathers, businessmen and women, makeup artists, bloggers et al. 

To all who strive for excellence and seek to excel, to you who lights the path for others to follow +Buntricia Bastian +isoken enofe-asemota @glambyisoken @peakmill +souparket +Fashionably Idu and so many of you out there.

Continue being GOLD, an ACHIEVER, a LIGHT, ELEGANT and please share this post to someone who you'd like to encourage this morning, tag them and let them know that they are GOLD.



Products used:
Mac waterproof foundation NW45
Jean Marin natural lashes - Audrey
Gold dust pigments Saga cosmetics
Too faced peach palette Too faced eyeshadow palettes
Swarovski  Attract Pearl Pierced Earrings actually on sales NOW!!!!

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