Hi ya people,
It's wedding season and all that good stuff; If you recall my last post here, I ran you all through some products which I've been using for a while and a promise to tell you more about a certain product here, well I haven't forgotten y'all just be patient.

Anywho, I'm going to let you all in on a secret, which is no longer a secret though I got married officially in France on the 11th of June which is my hubby's birthday so no excuses on forgetting birthdays or anniversaries looooooooool. Well if you recall here, weddings aren't in short supply and yo girl wasn't done with ideas on how to pull off looks for different occasions.

Now for my wedding, I was STRESSED because as you all know school was going on and all the shenanigans that come with it and I was supposed to be planning my little wedding in my own little way. Who are we kidding, who says brides don't get stressed and shouldn't be stressed before their weddings, well on this side of the planet, people are so far and busy so one has to rely on before hand preparations and I DON'T even want to think of the nightmare of the items I ordered which didn't arrive, but let me not bore you all with all of that. All in all your petite glamazon was a mess and I knew I wanted to look banging for that day.

I had 2 outfits to change from, one which was used for the civil ceremony  (as seen below) and the other for the church. With that in mind I knew that looking good was good business for me. And believe me glamzaons, that was when I understood the beauty and power of this product right here.  Okay without jumping the gun, let me walk you through the step by step process.

Step 1: No matter how tired you are and stressed you may feel, darlings please you MUST SLEEP!!!!. It goes a long way, even though it's for as little as 4-5 hours, it would help you tremendously to be able to face the day ahead and have a clear head.

Step 2: Please! Please!!, Please!!! keep away from stimulants, I'm talking caffeine (coffee), energy drinks et al. If you really want to look flawless in your make up please your skin has got to look BANGING!!!! and I sure as hell know that stimulants keep your skin from looking great rather they make your skin look tried and flat.

Step 3: Use your skin products religiously, especially moisturisers and creams and instead of having a  shower as you'd normally do but at least for the next week before the wedding, indulge in hot baths with bath salts found here or bath milk here. I can't even begin to tell you the benefits of these salts.  It helps to relax the muscles and loosen those tight stressed knots in the body. To know more read here.

And as for me as a final recipe it will be the ultimate drink au natural which is found here. Darlings I can't begin to describe this new love affair. I've so fallen in love with this product that my conviction didn't fail me when I first encountered them via social media. As I'd explained here, it activates the collagen in the skin enabling the skin to feel alive and re-pulped, gets rid of fine lines and wrinkles as shown in the picture below (I didn't have any that day. I usually have wrinkles on my forehead due to creasing when applying my eyeshadows, I really wish I could apply eyeshadow without creasing my forehead) :(

If not for anything, I'd begun to use this product shortly after I received it which was 2 weeks prior and the change though gradual was visible and encouraging.

And that my darlings is my secret to obtaining a wonderful, flawless skin before your wedding to get you going for that special day. Now before I sign off permit me to write a DISCLAIMER here:

The products and views aired in this post are purely my methods which I tried and tested. What works for me may not necessarily work for you, but these are methods which you could try and if it suits you, I'd be glad to hear about them, and if not please feel free to use what suits you and or whatever you have and don't fail to share it us and how you use them.


Products used:
Mac waterproof foundation Fond de Teint Pro Longwear Nourrissant Waterproof #NW45
Limecrime lipstick velvetines matte lipstick/beet it berry red
Swarovski Abstract Small Pendant Now on sale!!!!!
Swarovski Abstract Pierced Earrings
Eyeshadow Too Faced Peach palette
Eylure lashes No°107

Skirt as made by my couturier David of the Rock fashion house
Fabric supplied by yours truly
White dentelle bodysuit
Apricot ice cape 
Apricot ice wedding dress
Shoes for him - Loding Oxford
for Her BCBG opa-leather-pump


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