Hello everyone and hope you are all doing great and welcome once again to my blog.
I've always had a thing for scarves and turbans for a very long time, which earned me the name of hajia while in the university (the wife of an alhaji who's visited mecca or something like that, I'm not sure really) and I've always loved incorporating it into my attires be it traditional African or Western.
 I would like to apologise for the quality of the photos as the photos were taken with my sony tablet using the instabeauty app. Okay let's get down to business........

Like I said in the beginning i've always loved scarves or turbans especially tied the Arabian way and to achieve this look I actually used my velvet shirt, yes, you heard me right I used a shirt and my dear glamazons fashion is all about your creative side and your ability to transform the ordinary to the extra ordinary (loooooool hear me preach!!!!!). Any who to achieve this look, I had to think of something that would make my jewellery pop (made by yours truly) You can browse the catalogue here and place your order in our shop here

The top was got for me by my husband and I would like to say that my hubby hardly tells me where he buys stuff for me from as he feels it's his way of keeping me wowed and surprised. For him, that's his ace card so I don't ask too much and I've given up on that.  Accessorised with a faux leather belt to accentuate my figure. The truth is the belt was a last minute thing and I was really impressed with the results. Belts have a way of making you look really curvy which I love but of course depending on the look you're going for, it's absolutely optional.

Like I said, since I was using dark and nude colours and if you remember what I said about this, then you know the bling has got to be blinging hehehehehe. And to one of my favourite highlights of this outfit are the wide long pants which are a no brainer for me. Getting its inspiration from the 60s these babies have remained a classic and refused to go away and yours truly says YAASSSS!!!!! (Did I just say that oops ...... pardon my french) (giggles).

And it's also one of those outfits I have that I can't divulge its secrets because the love of my life won't divulge (rolling my eyes and looking upward). As always accessorized with swarovski earrings as seen here on sales at 50% off.

And on that note my loves a wonderful week ahead to you all and see you soon.
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A Bientôt


Jewelry (swarovski beads choker & bracelet) Made by Me
Swarovski earrings
Shoes by shoedazzle ( not blogged)
Faux leather belt
Black silk chiffon shirt
Beige wide long pants


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