"Elegance is beauty that shows unusual effectiveness and simplicity"

Hello glamazons, it's been ages and I'm really sorry. #MBA musings. (story for another day). 
If you follow me on Instagram  then you should have come across this picture. As you know I'm all for elegance, chic and sophistication and when it comes to what I wear, as you all know,  I've always preferred having my clothes tailored by my couturier. I usually favour couture to ready made clothes especially when it comes to events and functions. (In my head I should always be elegantly dressed everyday, but we all don't got time for that type of day dreaming) so ........

Most of the fabric I use are usually sourced by me and are haute couture, as I've always been the quality over quantity type of person. Click here to know why, for this look I chose a flayed skirt or as some people would prefer to call it a skater skirt which beats me as skater skirts are way shorter; (confused face) Anywho, the top was made from a woven fabric (light tweed fabric)which happened to be a Chanel number (the fabric not the style) as Chanel is known for her love for tweed which she popularised in the 1950s. The elegance of the fabric and its breathable nature makes this fabric a classic. After all Coco Chanel believed in the modern, classic woman.

The shoes are by Dorothy Perkins which are bloody comfortable with  crystal stone buckles to give  vibrance to the look.

My leather purse happens to be the mini version I have which can be seen here, accessorised with a leather belt (in tan which has seen better days) and peachy nude earrings.

You could totally rock this ensemble to the church, a wedding, banquet or any event you have. While you could totally go all glitter with a sequinned top or body suit + the skirt or rock it the way it is. It's a style you could switch up either the skirt or the top totally switching the skirt for a pair of embroidered pants ( sequins or what have you).

Y'all tell me what you think and how many ways you could pair this outfit and with what.

Love y'all plenty


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