Hello y'all and how you doing ( Joey's voice). Well I'm doing fine thank you and thanks for asking. Considering the marathon deadline I had to meet last week, I'm so happy writing something other than how terrible the world is and how companies could make it better. :(((

But then despite all the busy schedules and deadlines, it didn't stop me from noticing the ongoing trend on holographic and iridescent colours all over the place. And trust the fashion houses not to have gone unnoticed with the likes of Stella McCartney, Burberry and so many others. The nails department also didn't fail to say hi in this trend as well (You could check out Nail Career Education who's totally one of my favs).

Now trust me guys on this despite how beautiful, these colours are or could be you'll have to be careful not to look like something from outer space (sputnik) type of shhhhhh ok, so here are a few tips on how to pull off this 70's comeback. The first thing you've got to put in mind is KEEP IT SIMPLE!!!!!. I can't even tell you how that applies enough. You don't want to go retro up and down and with accessories everywhere. recipe for disaster. Secondly, wear dark colours to accentuate the shimmer and hold the look down at the same time. I find that black does a good job of this and dark blue as well. If you're not bold enough to rock holographic colours, it's okay to incorporate it in your shoes or as a bag or even as nails.

As for me I decide to go BOLD with a skirt which was made for me as you'll see herehere and here. I went for a black frill shirt as seen here to accentuate the colour but at the same time keeping it on the down low. heheheheh !!!!!. And you, how would you rock an iridescent /holographic colour, would you go bold, or you'd stick to the barest minimum ?

Then I finished off the look with a pair of black heel sandals ( which seriously I forgot the name of the store I got it... deplorable :( .
The jewelry was made with love by me which I surnamed "purple rain" for that added effect and a bold crystal pendant and bracelet. You could browse our catalogue here and place your order in our store

And that's how I pulled off in this very controversial piece. 
Do leave your comments I'd love to know how you'd pull it off.


Fabric entirely sourced by me
jewelry designed and created by juliettsstyleglam

Make up products used:
Skindinavia primer spray
Foundation BB cream by Kiss
Sleek Lipstick 
MUFE eyeliner -Aqua black
Lime crime - Fade
Too Faced Peach Palette

Style as seen on @yomisummerhues


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