Hello everyone, and welcome back.  After suffering from what seemed like a partial paralysis over the weekend, and doctor's orders demanding that I take a compulsory rest, believe me I don't need those guys breathing down my neck. 
It looked like I slept badly and woke up immovable. (wonders will never end in the land of sleep). I imagined being in Nigeria and being told that "the enemies are at work once again". (laughing stupidly) but that's what churches have reduced us to; believing there's always someone responsible for your misfortunes.

Anywho with fall making a slow comeback, which I'm loving its transition, I decided to hit y'all up with some style images of mine. I can't get over my love for sweats in fall and winter and you'll definitely catch me in stores looking for sweats and pulls that are (for lack of the right adjective) wooooow!!!!!. I adore the bloody things from off shoulders to turtle necks and handkerchief cut, you name it and I spare no expenses on them. (pardon my french) 😋

So for this number, I went in with this lovely black sweater (handkerchief cut) from United Colours of Benetton I don't really know how it's called and a pair of carrot pants which are totally thrifted. The turquoise or teal coloured turtleneck from Camaieu worn as an inner outfit for extra warmth and comfort and lastly a pair of yellow pumps which I've reviewed in a previous post. (Click here). 

It's pretty risqué to have your hair out when the weather is getting cold, cos the harsh weather could cause your hair to break, but I had super moisturised before doing this and the weather is pretty decent at the moment, but when it's really cold I CANNOT think nor try it. 

And that's it loves, see your around for the next post  :)))



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