Hello everyone, and how y'all doing this fine day. So with the back to school season in full swing, and everyone trying to get back to their different businesses of the season, I decided to write this post on how to overcome difficult situations. At times when we are saddled with different things to do from work, school, projects etc, we often realise that it gets difficult and hard to continue especially when finances are involved. Many of us actually fall into the habit of reacting negatively in difficult situations and I decided to write these tips on how to overcome difficulties.  There are obviously many more, but these are 10 tips of mine which I've practiced and have worked for me.

And you , what are your tips for overcoming difficult situations that life throws at us? Do share and leave your comments in the comment section. I would also like to read them.

So, here they are:

1. Tell yourself you can do it : When difficulties come your way, the ability to tell yourself first that you can overcome and make it, is the first step to victory. This here is the power of positive thinking. 
The ability you have to give yourself your own pep talk is your first step to being a winner.

2. Pray about it: In a world saddled with lots of evil and sad events, it's so very easy to fall into the trend especially when passing through challenging or difficult times. One of the key ingredients to your self given pep talk is prayer. Be you a Christian, muslim, buddhist etc, having a spiritual moment to back you up will definitely work wonders for your morale.

"A gentle word, a kind look, a good natured smile,can work wonders and accomplish miracles". William Hazlitt

3. Smile:  Your ability to give out positive vibes in the midst of challenges is a challenge in itself. A smile is an emotion that works wonders not just for you but it affects those around you. For when you smile, you have begun to spread positive energy around and unknowingly you are receiving the same positivity and positive energy which is so needed for your state of mind and morale in the given circumstances. :))))

4. Talk to someone: Often times I meet people who tell me that at the time they are passing through challenges, they do it better alone, they don't tell anyone. They seem to feel that they don't need to talk to someone about it. It's okay if you've got a  really strong rebound personality, but I think that it's great to talk to someone about it. Find a listening ear (I didn't talk about people or ears, I said a and someone.) You might wonder why, I'm emphasising this, many people talk to so many people at once about what they may be passing through that it seems laughable and unserious. But when you're able to find your ride or die, your person, the one who will encourage you than tear your down, the one who'll tell you how they know you can get through whatever situation, your helper. Find that someone, for as the saying goes, " A problem shared is a problem solved.

5. It's okay to fail: Failure is success's ingredient. If you're not prepared to fail, then you're not prepared to succeed? And you have to be okay about it. Failure doesn't make you a loser, or a weakling, it's supposed to make you stronger, it helps to let you know and realise your mistakes and you pick up from where you left off.  So glamazons, it's actually okay to fail and be okay about it and not walk around believing it's the end of the world.

6. Egoism: A lot of us are guilty of this myself included because we always want everything to be about us. And I get it, but often times, we also forget that when we portray egoistic behaviours, it takes away our good naturedness. It automatically shows a very unkind, rude and ill mannered person. Ego doesn't let us see beyond our noses and it's so hard to recognise cos we've convinced ourselves that we're in the right and it could strip us of the so deserved help, promotion, etc you could have got. It could be in our attitude towards others or the way we speak, even the manner you look at someone. The reason I cited it's really hard to recognise when you're being egoistic.

7. Humility: One of the most talked about virtues in the bible. A trait that could make a lowly person become a president tomorrow. People never forget acts of humility but they could forget everything else after a period of time. Being humble is a virtue we all must strive for because when you're down,  no one can bring you down anymore. Humility opens doors of opportunity. You never know who's watching!!!!!!!

8: Participate in sports activities: There's nothing that can help clear your mind like being involved in a sports activity. When faced with challenges, exercise is an escape route to pour out all the negativity into and it works. Channel all your energy into it and you'll have a clear head to think new thoughts and possibly solutions and of course tired enough to have a well deserved sleep.

9. Try to look good ( dress well; do your hair & all that good stuff): Yes, it would seem like it's hard to accomplish considering what you may be facing, but I tell you when you able to come out looking a 100 despite the situation, it's a feel good moment for you. It goes a long way to boost your confidence. People want to identify with what see from the outside first before bothering with what's going on on the inside. A well kempt person is an automatic attraction compared to one who wears the stress on them. 
"Looking good is good business" !!!!

10. Sex: Lastly, my favourite. This is one therapy that will do you more good and a whole lot more than bad. Studies have shown that sex is great when you're facing tough times even though your body will not feel like it.  Put it in mind and deliberately involve yourself in sex ( enough of it) as it helps to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, healthy heart and well being and all that good stuff and best of all it's natural.
My motto " Having sex regularly is the best medicine". (hahahahaha)

And that's it glamazons on my 10 tips to overcoming difficult situations and still come out feeling & looking fabulous


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