Hello everyone, I hope you're all having a great start of the week. With Fall/winter announcing their arrival, while we're all trying to look chic and fashionable, let's not forget that there are certain items that are compulsory basically essentials that you glamazons shouldn't be without.  So I decided to compile a couple of essentials here on the blog.

6 Winter Essentials #1 by juliettsstyle 

Cardigan jacket - I can't explain my love for this shawl/cardigan jacket. It can be draped over a sweater or coat and accessorised with a brooch to keep it in place for an additional sophisticated effect. This drape coat adds class to your look anytime anyway and could be found anywhere.
€21 -

 Burberry Fur trim coat - A coat is like the icing on the cake as a winter essential. I love coats in all colours and forms. I would usually opt for full covered coats like this is Burberry coat with a fur trim. You could also opt for a coat without a fur trim substituting it for a large collar or caped coat. Definitely a winter must have to shield you from the cold winter.
€2.440 -

NIKE clothing - This is one winter essential to me. During the cold, and I don't have one of these on, I feel naked. I don't know about y'all but this here is a life saver. Best used when wearing boots and or jeans. I also wear them under my pants especially if the pants are of a light fabric and goes what it gives you extra added padding to your hips for those who seek some in this area. :))
€78 -
Michael Kors Collection Mesh - panelled stretch-jersey bodysuit
 The body and tights are twins in the case. They fulfil the same function during the cold. Another beautiful value to this outfit is that you can totally rock it even in the summer, so you win both ways. lovely to wear as a top beneath your coat or blazer, could be accessorised.It's such a dynamic essential that you can't run out of ideas on how to use this and they're usually cheap on amazon, nafnaf, h&m etc and different colours too.
€700 -

Kendall + Kylie short black boots - I'm a sucker for boots during the cold. I spare no expense on these babies and it's a highly recommended essential in your winter wardrobe. The sleek look and feel it gives to your look, makes your legs look longer and slimmer especially the thigh highs which are a dream. Depending on how you rock a your outfit, boots could give you that edgy look or lady like deposition depending on what you're going for. LOVE! LOVE!! LOVE!!!
€190 -

Brown shawl For some people, a cardigan jacket is enough, and for others, a shawl. I tend to interchange and hardly use both at the same time; Great accessory to coats or to tie on your handbag or manbag. Great accessory
€14 -

Mulberry chain glove - Need I say more for this accessory. Elegance, chic sophistication. Great leather gloves bejewelled with gold chains. What else?
€250 -

And that my loves are my 6 Winter essentials . What are your winter essentials and how do you combine them? What kind of looks do you usually go for when matching and combing.
I'll talk to you all soon.



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