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Hello everyone, and a beautiful Autumn Monday morning to you all. This morning started out wet  and a little chilly as is common with the European weather. At this time of the year I do worry quite a bit about my skin routine especially during the winter as the skin tends to dry out more at this time, so I started on time to put my routine and valued products together and decided to give you a compilation of my night routine. I'd previously shared my skin care routine here and some products which I'd previously reviewed here, and here.

1. The bodyshop drops of youth concentrate has become a staple of mine. I love serums and I think they're one of the best skin care inventions of the 21st century. I think every one should have a serum in both their night and day routine, cos this baby is here to stay. The bodyshop serum is quite affordable and it gets the job done. There exists other expensive brands but I find you still get value for your money with this one. Usually used after  washing my face and cleaning off all make up. You could read more here. 

2. Actiderma huile précieuse hydratante visage, corps et cheveux - I discovered this miracle in a bottle in a drug store here in France. I decided to try it since I'm a sucker for oils. It's just one of those fetish I have. Aside from the summer, oils are totally necessary during the cold months, while during the summer it's dry oils all the way, for the winter, I use hydrating oils like this one. It's so soft and lush and I got it in cerats d'italie which is essentially lemon oil and rose d'ispahan. (rose oil). The feel is so soft and smooth on the skin and it goes on for a long time without making you feel like you've got oil on. I usually use it all over my skin after a shower before I turn in for the day. I don't use it on my face due to its sensitivity. Great hydrating product,  and glowy skin I will totally use over and over again.

3. The bodyshop seaweed oil balancing toner - Another beautiful product, I totally kiff :))
I usually use it 2ice a week because I cherish my oils and the skin oils especially on the face help hold out wrinkles for a long time so I'm not ready to get rid of them anytime soon hahahahaha. Read more on it's use here

4. The only thing I can say about this product for now, is this will be its last review on my blog as the company has discontinued it :(( Oh why me ðŸ™„ ðŸ˜’. You could totally check it out here

5. Another wonderful surprise from the bodyshop range, is the drops of youth essence lotion. I usually use this when I feel lazy to use the serum itself. Since it's a lotion I rub it on my face and then with tapping motions until it's totally absorbed into the skin. Both a night and day product, so it's great for foundation application. It helps to tighten the pores on my face as I've got gaping pores and there are almost invisible, and skin feels tight as well without being dry. Great value for money at 15 euros.

6. The bodyshop Vit E overnight serum - Vitamin E which remains an essential skin requirement works wonders on repulping the skin and smothening it out. I use the overnight serum after applying my hydrating face moisturiser about 5 mins before I turn in to give it time to absorb into the skin. The dose pipette is quite practical as you totally control the quantity needed at all time, and it could be used on the lips as well to give that plump effect to your lips. One of the best products in the bodyshop range and a little pricey as well but a total ðŸ‘ ðŸ‘

7. I have begun a relationship and I'm falling in love more and more. I seriously used to underestimate Nivea products until recently after I tried and tested their products and reviewed here
After a fellow blogger left a comment on checking them out, I also then realised that I wasn't the only one who'd been underestimating nivea range of products. The affordability of the range and effect deliverance is quite surprising for a drugstore, so yes, it looks like this love affair will last for a long time and my whole family seems to be buying into it as well ðŸ˜˜ðŸ˜š.
So I don't feel mad anymore over losing out on the vegetable hydrating moisturiser as I've found a capable replacement. Hence, the need for my night time skin routine research and being sure they work. 
What's your night time routine like? what are your staples? Are there any product you struggle with? 
Leave your comments down below, I'd love to read them and let's discuss.



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