Hey guys, I hope you're all having a great beginning of the week.  I have been vacationing in my living room for the past few weeks due to an asthma crisis. Yeah I'm one off those people, (funny how I didn't have much of a crisis during my academic year (weird) and it usually is more frequent during fall. I am all for looking great during the cold and while some people would be like it's so hard to remain that way as we always want to wrapped up and warm.
In that regard I fell hard for the wool cape and when I mean hard, I'm on to another purchase as I write. hehehehe.
If you read my last post here it is one of those essentials I think every lady should have in her wardrobe. The chic and sophisticated look it gives, especially when worn with knee to thigh high boots, unbeatable. 
It has graced our runways these last few fashion seasons and it has come to stay, with most usually borrowing patterns from the Scottish heritage is really hard to ignore. They usually come in turtle necks, wrap arounds, buckled etc. I actually had mine made for me by my couturier and sourced the fabric which was a couture number. I fell in love with the tartan patterns and gold embroidery and used the left over fabric for a turban. I paired it with a pair of black tights which is another winter must have see here and a pair of knee high boots from Giudecca see here and a white turtle neck body from Camaieu.

Do you like to adorn capes or wrap arounds? What styles do you prefer and how would you rock yours. 
Leave your comments below, I'd love to know and read them as well :))


Tartan wool cape made by The Rock Fashion House 
Fabric sourced by juliettsstyleglam
Styled by juliettsstyleglam
boots Giudecca
Turtle neck Camaieu
earrings Swarovski
Black tights Calzedonia


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