Hello loves, and how are you all doing? 
You know when people ask me what's your favourite colour, I always give the I don't have a favourite colour anthem, which is true. I tend to look at the the beauty of a colour if it's well combined and used.  But in essence, teal is a colour which is quite repetitive  in my wardrobe as well as blue. I don't know why, but I have this attraction to anything that's blue shaded so you could imagine how I felt when I acquired this fabric.

The truth be told I wasn't feeling the fabric but my mercer urged me on, little did I know that the old devil had previously viewed the fabric on the runway in Paris ( Don't ask me when, she's a fabric expert ). Anywho the fabric wasn't doing it for me as it had a brown background prevue here which I felt it overshadowed the floral teal designs, but lo and behold, it was the other way round.

I decided to go for an elegantly long full skirt which I will insist that every woman should have in her wardrobe. You can't beat that feeling of flawless elegance and flowing beauty a full long skirt gives. A long flowing skirt tends to give out the look of being tall and slim, so it's great for those of us who aren't endowed with being tall, and usually I would go for heels in a long skirt as I'm born hat way 😀, but it serves for those who love flats so you're good to go either way. A look which could usually go for a ball or wedding outfit as you desire. 
Do you agree, how would you wear a long flowing skirt? 

I paired it with a glitter/shimmer body top with a soft feathered neck line for that added sophisticated look. I went in with an amethyst and crystal swarovski bracelet ( view here ) and a green transparent tear drop earrings which captures the light of whatever you wear, ( reason I bought it in the first place 😄). I've previously mentioned here the inspiration for this skirt and where it came from. I accessorised with a turban  red agate stone for a brooch. Turbans are making their rounds in trends for the year 2016, though they never disappeared in the first place. (Stay tuned for my upcoming giveaway) And I finished off the look with a pair of Lea Foscati shoes which I must tell you is so goddamned comfortable. 
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And that's it for this post, and have a fabulous weekend y'all.

Skirt - The Rock Fashion House
Body - (can't remember)
Shoes- Lea Foscati found @ Zalando 
Turban juliettsstyleglam
Make up
Foundation - Kiss bb cream
Lime crime - beet it
Eyeshadow - Park Avenue mono-eyeshadow                       


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