Hello loves and I hope the week started out marvellously for y'all.
You see I'm one of those people who fall in line with monochrome looks easily without actually meaning to. Though there were times, I felt it was a bit too much, especially when wearing colours like yellow or orange, so I've always tended to stick to dark colours for monochromes, like grey, black, of course white, beige and nudes being exceptions. Overtime though my monochrome preferences have begun to change, of course we now live in a world filled with colour.

I vividly remember a lady who worked in the same building as I when I was working with Berlitz, and she was always dressed in monochrome everyday. She would go from teals to reds, you name it, she had it. I always wondered how she did it and mind you being a French person didn't help matters in helping me to understand why she dressed that way. You see French people are people who will pick classics of black and white over any form of colour especially when it comes to work clothes. At the time I felt a little meh with her looks cos you well know, you make the clothes, the clothes don't make you ( story for another day), but now I understand she was way ahead of the trend 😀
So let me briefly walk you through why you can never go wrong with monochrome, firstly, you have the liberty to use any colour with a monochrome outfit, hence, the autumn coloured shirt here, secondly, it's actually quite safe when you use varied colours of one tone, which helps you to conceal or highlight certain parts of the body. ( think makeup artists and the highlight and conceal mantra) 😋, thirdly it elongates the silhouette so we can all hop on the band wagon, cos I'm one of those people hahahaha. Do you know any other reasons why you can't go wrong with monochromes?

For this look, I went in with a pair of blu marine pants print silk chiffon shirt in a mix of reds, oranges and yellow, to go with the colours of autumn. ( believe me it wasn't planned ). Brown ankle leather boots I've always preferred brown leather for boots or another colour to black, and to finish off the look with this beautiful blue cape see here and why. I was attracted to the cape not necessarily because of the colour, but the vintage filigree closures which are absolutely out of this world and guess what it's totally thrifted, so you can imagine how I felt when I lay my eyes on it and I knew I must have it. The look as finished off with statement necklace, swarovski earrings and this lovely updo which I felt just kept everything in it's place and hair out of my eyes and mouth 😄 especially with the winds.

Is the monochrome trend catching on to you this season? How would you like to wear it? Do you have signature colours when it comes to monochrome looks or you could totally swing all ways?

Leave your comments let me know you dropped by.


Cape - Thrifted            similar here                  
Blu Marine pants - Zara Woman   Similar here
Ankle leather boots - Bocage
Statement necklace - juliettsstyleglam
Print silk chiffon shirt - Gift from husband
Leather clutch bag

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