Hello everyone and welcome once again to my blog.  First of all I would like to wish you all a fabulous and glamourous Christmas and a fruitful New year. I feel like it's been ages since my last post and yes, it's been. I'm up all day on my feet from sun up to sun down on Christmas preparations that I feel like I'm far from a lot of things. Truthfully, I love this season and you can't begin to imagine how nostalgic it makes me feel. 

With the celebrations coming up, I decided to reach out to all of us on certain characters that are worth emulating as individuals. I'm not here to dampen your spirits with this post, but when I look around the world, I see sorrow from the war in Syria to bomb blasts in Turkey, the elections in the United States and all forms of discrimination and segregation taking place. All these take place because we as individuals fail to realise one thing. We need LOVE!!!!. 

Yes, that word isn't alien to us but with the happenings around the world, I begin to question how much of ourselves we are willing to give out. It starts with the littlest things, from a smile to being open hearted. So here's my compilation for 7 essential/ beginner steps to being a beautiful person. Today being beautiful has been watered down to wearing of nice clothes and having the nicest makeup or even more money. Everything has become so materialistic that we forget that true beauty comes from within. So here it goes:

1. Be humble : I had previously spoken about this quality in here. Humility is a virtue that attracts goodwill and blessings. Remember Esther in the bible, the greatest queen that ever lived. Esther Chapters 1-10. You see how God lifted her from a servant to a queen. 

2. Smile :  Another quality which I highlighted here. What wouldn't a smile do for you not just in a day but everyday, you give a smile, you attract positive energy into your inner self. Smiling doesn't leave room for animosity neither does it allow unhappy people come near you because of the energy which surrounds you.

3. Making sacrifices : Most of us go through life never having thought of depriving ourselves of things we love or love to do for ourselves much less for others. As a Christian and Catholic, it becomes part of one, but I realised that Christianity aside, it is important that we go out of our way to make other people feel better. It helps to build you up in character and having a generous spirit. Inherently as a rule of thumb, when you are able to make sacrifices, you eventually get back that which you wished for or so desired in quantum. CLICK HERE TO KNOW MORE .

4. Admitting to making mistakes and saying I'm sorry : Our politicians are inherent examples of this and I can't help but say that world leaders have failed and no one is willing to say "I made a mistake, I'm sorry" Sheesh!!!!. Well my rule of thumb is if those who are meant to lead by example don't do, I'll learn how to do it. But politics aside, this is a trait I had to learn for myself. growing up in a Nigerian Igbo family in Africa, "I'm sorry" isn't a word you hear too often neither is I made a mistake, and I always felt bad that it wasn't said especially from the adults. I knew I had to learn how to say I'm sorry especially being a wife and mum. Sometimes it's hard, but I keep telling myself, that it never hurt anyone, rather it only made things better.

5. Forgiveness : Many of us fall into this category of unforgiveness and it is hard I tell you. The truth about forgiveness is that it isn't for the benefit of those who wronged you, it is for the benefit of you who were wronged. Read Matthew 18:21-22. My husband usually tells me be watchful what you say and how you act around people, they could forget every other thing but they won't forget those words or actions you made. Forgiveness comes with a smile and then a forgiving heart. It's that easy. (Whom am I kidding 😩  😒  😜 ).

6. Take the high road : With all the happenings around us, it's usually easy to want to clap back all the time especially when someone does something really hurtful or calls one out (social media 🙄 😩 anyone ??) seriously it gets boring. It's only those who have a penchant for trouble that will only cheer you on. A popular African proverb says, " two people can't be mad at the same time". it isn't possible. I won't elaborate on this saying that much, use your tongue to count your teeth, if you still don't get it find the meaning here  

And lastly, be open minded : In the society we are in today, there so many things that aren't normal anymore, we hear people say things that usually don't agree with ours or lifestyles that  are non conformist. It doesn't make them bad people neither does it make them alien. It just means learning to accept people for whom they are. that's the first step to love. Accept one another as God accepts you. He forgives you even when you've done the worst of everything, so then who are you to castigate another. And on that note my loves I bid you all a wonderful day.

Feel free to add to the list in your comments, so I know you dropped by.



Faux fur - juliettssstyleglam
black velvet fabric - juliettssstyleglam
body - as seen here  
Earrings - Swarovski 
Red stone agate brooch - juliettsstyleglam

Makeup - juliettsstyleglam

Products used

Estee lauder double wear foundation - Rich chestnut (5C1) 
Marrionaud eyeshadow palette
Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet - Don't pink of it 10 + Nyx soft matte lip cream - Rome
Turban - juliettsstyleglam
Shoes - Sabinel - Heyraud
Wrsitwatch - Fossil


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