Hello everyone and I hope you are all doing great. Did I hear someone say 2016 is over? Well, first and foremost Happy new Year to you all. This is my first post of the year and I will say I'm super excited and scared at the same time. 2017 is upon us and I know many have gone on about New Year resolutions and all. I'm not one for New year's resolutions so I don't do them. I would say that 2016 was both good and bad, but hey I'm alive, it could have been worse so that's enough.

For this year I can't help but reflect all the time on the things going on around us and the lack of empathy that rules the world today, it makes me shed tears. But I can only shed tears and that's it and without doing anything about it the world will remain as it is. The famous saying which goes, "Be the change you want to see in the world" and my reflection is always on those lines right now.

I was having a conversation with a friend of mine and she told me, why do I always buy designer stuff when there are those who are dying of hunger somewhere? My son also told me that what good is money, if theres no joy or happiness and it made me understand that despite all that we try to achieve or want to achieve, you could have all that and still be miserable, so it's important to find value in giving yourself to others. I realised that when you do things like this,  it makes you happy, cos when you are happy, you are alive. I am gearing towards giving more of myself to those in need cos I realised that it does make me feel good and happy.

Have you ever thought of giving yourself and time to others ?

For today's post, I so fell in love with this collar dress. The moment I saw it, I knew I just had to have it.  Mind you, I looked all cool and calm here but the weather was going on -6° to -10° and I was so tempted to stay indoors. But then I knew I had to do this cos it was time to resume work and guess what it was so much fun in the end. It was my poor hubby I felt sorry for cos he was my photographer for the day and he was down with the flu. ( Honey, you are awesome ) 😘.  So back to the outfit, it came with an embroidered collar and I wanted to add some more character to the outfit as it kept calling me to do it up 😋.  I eventually gave in to the urge and embellished it in this beautiful flower design, made with organzas, beads and sew on crystals. OTK boots haven't gone unnoticed this season,  for giving out the chic and glamorous look and I donned a pair to achieve that, paired with a pair of black pants.

Oh faux fur, what would I do without you. I'm totally sold on this fashion piece that could be both an accessory and as well as an outfit, bought from the same store, is the perfect icing on the cake to this ensemble. And that my loves brings us to the end of this post and as much as we all want to succeed in all that we do, let's also have a heart for the less privileged as they really do need us right now. It's a dog eat dog world out there.

To greatness,


OTK Boots - Zalando
School uniform dress - Sapotille France
Flower embellishment/ embroidery - juliettsstyleglam
Hair -  juliettsstyleglam
Peridot ring - juliettsstyleglam
Faux fur cape - Sapotille
Black pants - Calzedonia

Products used:
Guerlain sun kissed terracotta foundation
Kiss foundation BB cream
L'oreal accord parfait
Maybelline lipstick -
Limecrime velvetines - Faded
Kiko Blush - Rose
False eyelashes - Peggy Sage



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