Beware my lord of jealousy, it is the green-eyed monster which doth mock the meat it feed on. - Iago to Othello (William Shakespeare)

Hi y'all. What can I say, happy flu free day to me. Being sick isn't something we all envisage, for someone like me, I go down when I'm sick. And when I mean down, I'm totally useless. I can't do much with or for  myself talk less for anyone else, but thankfully that phase is over.

After putting up a short video for this post here, I'd wanted to know if you'll would love to see the tutorial and I got a positive reply both on Facebook and and on the IG.
It actually took me a while before I decided on this outfit and the make up as well. I usually tend to stay away from same colour makeup with outfit cos I feel it could be a little too much. But for this one I had only one idea in my head. The lush and fertile significance of the colour green.

You see, I didn't just come up with the name "GREEN WITH ENVY", green as a colour has always reminded me of wealth, productivity, multiplication, growth, and my personal favourite life. Speaking of life, congratulations to Beyonce on her twins and seriously I just found out, what a coincidence et un plus it's my mum's favourite colour.. The colour carries more positivity than any other colour I know. You see I believe that being productive and lively, has a lot to do with how we portray ourselves, if you feel it you've got to strut it. I had written about this here and you can watch it here. You have to own it and nurture it, mind you there are those who would definitely be mad at you whether you like it or not.

Okay about the dress, it's made from satin with open slits in the front and back, I used the usual hack method of tapes on my boobs (please return to the dress please, not the boobs) to put everything in order, (if you know what I mean). Same as in the video I went in with this beautiful organza turban, a fabric I use quite a lot when I'm embellishing clothes I love organza lots for its sheer feel and shine and how elegant it makes an outfit look and being in theme with all the colours I had going on, I paired it with this lovely gold open toe sandals which I purchased from Minelli.

I then accessorised with a black clutch, mine is in lace and this beautiful faux fur which my husband purchased for me a very long time ago and finally this beautiful choker made from crystals view here

And that will be all for this wonderful look and you can watch this full tutorial above or by following this link  and I'll see you in the next post.

Keep them green with envy loves and drop your comments so I know you dropped by.


Green satin cocktail dress
Gold sandals -
faux fur - gifted to me by my husband
lace clutch - un deux
wristwatch - Fossil
Pearl clustered ring - BCBG Maxazria


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