" You were born with wings, why prefer to crawl through life. " - Jalaluddin Rumi

Hi ya everyone and hope you've been having a fabulous month of February so far. I'm sorry I'm a little late on my posts as being in the job market involves commitment as well. This brings me to today's topic on blogging without finance. I happen to read a lot of blogs Sisi Yemmie, Lizzie in Lace, just to name a few on the blogging process and how long it takes and all the advice that's given about blogging. I am of the same ideology believe me but I would most times prefer for bloggers to speak about the difficulties in the ongoing process and the difficulties faced.

Most bloggers only speak when they become comfortable and begin to earn money and then you have people clicking on sites to help them generate income for their blogs. Personally, I don't think it's honest, cos every time they do that they tend to make money off of you and the blog as well. Everyone talks about helping each other grow but very few are ready to tell you how to really really go about it. I've watched a youtube video on how to grow your subscribers and the youtuber actually said no one taught her how to do anything so you figure it out and I don't blame her nor them cos majority of them had the same problem and asked questions and no one gave any repsonse.

In essence what I'm saying is that it's more realistic when you speak on the issues and how it's been hard and how you get by. Many people talk about not having good equipment to take photos, others talk about not having the right apps to help. I have been lucky, all my equipment I got them while I was working. I usually buy apps not all the time but when I know I've got change to spare. In truth blogging without finance could be frustrating cos you are limited to what you have but hey look on the bright side, it opens your creative mind. So a few tips out there for those who may be going through the same issues.

1. Save to buy equipment or a good camera. If you can afford to buy and pay in small instalments better for you, so that way you have what you need and you are not suffering the financial burden.
Downside : You pay more for the product than the initial cost price.

2. Use the resources available to you e.g. my husband is my photographer as I can't afford for aa photographer and I have to admit he takes great pics. I edit my pics myself and I use a very good editor on my phone known as pixlr akin to adobe   as well as the editor on my mac computer and I'm good.
Downside : Lovers' quarrel will always take place plus my husband is very busy so I only get to take photos when he's off work or sick 😇 😋😜

3. Don't compare yourself to others. Lizzie made mention of this and truthfully it takes a matured mind and the grace of God to tell yourself, it's only a matter of time. I'll get there. I don't want to go into what so many people are up to in the social media world because they want to appear chic or some type of way.
And lastly, be happy blogging. For me I love blogging and I'm happy doing it despite the fact that I have nothing coming in yet and I do miss it when I haven't penned down anything in a while. It's where I pour myself into and dream and fantasise hoping one day to see myself on the chanel runway or with shoes from Ralph & Russo all around me (I'm allowed to dream please 😜)

What other tips do you have as a blogger that has helped you to overcome the financial burden of blogging and being on social media.

Do leave your comments below, I'd love to read them and reply also.

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Today's outfit.
Checked or tartan cape view here
Grey/ black wide leg pants - Kiabi woman
ankle boots - bocage styled here
Makeup - juliettsstyleglam
pants - Kiabi woman
Handbag Astree


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