Hello glamazons, and a Happy Valentine's day to you.  Up until my last post, I hadn't yet come to terms with the fact that we're already at the second month of the year. While I was reading Fashionably Idu's blog and Letters from Launna, they both spoke about time and how it flies. This is a phrase I have a phobia for as I believe that every part of my time has to be productive and when I don't have that I get scared and feel irritated with myself. So as a side note to self and to many of us who fall into this category of 'time wasted a disaster' keep going. It starts with one step and the next. Thanks Launna for such a beautiful post.

Now as we all know the lovers month is here and I'm so happy right now that lent doesn't begin till March, so i have no guilt lurking anywhere in my chest over being in love and going on a self mortification exercise in the not too distant future😁😁. For this year's Valentine special, I decided to do an outfit transformation which is something I usually do especially when I know I don't want to spend money buying a new outfit and knowing that I have some outfits that I haven't worn more than once for example here. I usually get excited when I do stuff like this cos I'm so pressed to see how it turns out.

This beautiful embroidered top in sequins and cabochons is actually a dress. Did I hear someone say whaaatt???? Oh yes, it's a dress, which I just wore beneath the skirt. I wanted something glam and shiny and sleeveless, and this beautiful number just fit the bill. Tucked under this lovely skirt in haute couture fabric deigned by me and put together by my couturier David of 'The Rock Fashion House' and the skirt happens to go between colours under different kind of light see here. I accessorised with this lovely faux fur which is seen here as well. My shoes are from Florence Foscatti and purse which is quite old (can't remember where it was bought). And of course makeup done by yours truly.  I decided to go for a smokey eye look. Bold, fierce, daring and sexy eyes for that special someone. To watch my make up videos I'll be posting the makeup tutorial for this look on the blog as well as its links so y'all could watch me transform  and support by subscribing if you enjoy the videos as well.πŸ˜‰ 😊😘😘.

And do drop your comments, so I know you stopped by.


Skirt - designed by juliettsstyleglam
couturier - David of The Rock Fashion House
embroidered dress/ top - Camaieu
shoes - Florence Foscati
clutch bag - (old)
wig - juliettsstyleglam
Faux fur - (old)

Guerlain Terracota jolige teint - Ebony
Sleek blush - Flushed
Make up forever gel liner - Aqua black
Glitter eyeshadow - Flormar
Eyeshadow palette - Marrionaud
Eyelashes - whispering by Peggy Sage -
Lips _ Loreal & sephora lip pencils + lipstick in French white
Kiss BB cream foundation - Dark & Medium
Kiko cosmetics full coverage concealer - 04 & 07


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