Spring Fever
  1. "a feeling of restlessness and excitement felt at the beginning of spring".

    Hello everyone and a wonderful spring breeze and cheer. I know right, the feeling of the forth coming season, the rains which are my absolute fav and the singing and chirping of birds. In general I think the transition in the weather is quite a wonderful thing for our state of well being. Each comes with its variety of emotions and excitement and I know many of you can feel it too.

    For today's number, we decided to welcome the spring with this wonderful colours from the yellow to the blue turquoise eye make up and purple lips. Truth be told I hadn't checked Pantone's colour wheel for spring and after reading Vivelle's fashion on the pantone colours,  I thought to myself that my wind vane  of colours must be in the right direction this year.

    Okay, so enough of Pantone and what ever colours they're making us buy this year, each of these colours had a meaning for me and why I chose them. So let's begin, that beautiful yellow gold top for me was a blessing when I found it, as I own only one outfit in yellow and it isn't the kind of yellow I've always wanted. I love the deep yellow colours and mustard yellows because of their vibrance and the fact that they bring so much brightness and light into a place. I have a thing for lights, as I'm one of those people who hold a significant meaning to light be it in a person, clothing, object, you name it. With light darkness never stays, it changes the aura immediately.

    For my skirt which I've had for a very long time and it's one of those items of clothing that just remain classics, they don't go away and I'm glad it's in black as I don't have a lot of black skirts. Of course black remains the colour that allows bright colours to shine through so I wouldn't have it any other way in my head at the time tho. I took matching shoes and my eyeshadow + la pochette which reminded me of the kingfisher bird. You see in Nigeria where I come from, growing up as child, at the beginning of the rainy season which is around this time, I looked forward to the singing of the kingfisher bird which I can still imitate to this day and used to love having to watch it glide in the water to get tadpoles or little fish. It just goes to show that the seasons do actaully transcend geography, it follows you wherever you go. And finally for the lips which I had in purple is to imitate the iris flowers which are usually the first flowers that bloom at the time of the year. A perfect combination don't you think?

    And that finalises this lovely post, I had so much fun creating it's look. And have a blessed Lenten period 🙏


    Top - Sapotille
    Skirt - Nigeria
    Turquoise pumps- ModaToi
    la Pochette - Lancome for Marionnaud


                                                   Quel Bonheur !!!!!! 🌼💐



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