Hi y'all. I hope you're all doing good. Allow me to walk you up to speed on the story behind these photos.
If you'd read my last post, I mentioned that my hubby is my photographer and that isn't to say that it doesn't come with its drama and this one was one of them. Need I say that on the said day, it was crazy windy and cold, so you could imagine my frustration. 😩
Oh dear husbands, the way we love you and still are able to get on our nerves 😍😘😩. Anyways here's a short excerpt of what went down. 😁

Me: Can you act like a professional photographer when you're taking my pictures?
Hubby: But what do you want me to do? You're the one who knows what you want.
Me: But make it lively. You're the one with the camera and you're the one who sees the shots, I can't.
Hubby: Okay, Chinyere which one do you want me to do now. I'm ready.
Me (eyes rolling):  But I just told you tell me what you're doing so I follow, I can't be here in one pose and you're just firing away taking photos, remember the sun is best as a light when taking photos and moreover I'm cold here.
Hubby : *Bursts out laughing*
Me: (At this point I'm angry 😩and i'm trying so hard not to share in the laughter and I ask), what's funny?
Hubby: You should have said that you're feeling cold rather than blowing off steam on me about my professionalism. (In igbo language)
Me: πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…πŸ€£

 But before I go on, permit me to say I've missed you guys, and as much as I should have put up this blog post a while ago, I was held back for some reasons. You see when it comes to blogging and blog posts I believe your imagination and writing skills come to play. I generally would say that if you enjoy writing then, you wouldn't be content with just dolling out pictures and calling it a day. So, this post was delayed for the reason that I needed an appropriate title and 'bloggers bloc'. (if that term exists 😊)

As many of you know or who follow me on my social network, I'm a jewellery designer, makeup artist. I embellish and embroider fabric, and a fashionista and these are things which I love to do and enjoy and today's post will be centred on this beautiful neckpiece which was designed and made by yours truly. When I started making jewellery, I was tempted to go for the complicated and time consuming artsy types and do the crazy, but realising the time it takes and level of concentration needed, yo girl had to make quick changes in ideas. I decided to settle for the simple and elegant pieces and I'm also of the mantra that less is more so, I usually concentrate more time to the the pendants and pieces that make the difference (though I'd gladly do really artsy pieces if a client requests it).

The green necklace : Made from dark green crystal rondelle beads and intertwined between each other as that was what I was going for which makes the necklace seem fuller than it actually is. The  pendant which was entirely put together by me set on this filigree piece. I used crystal bicones in green chrome with a crystal cabochon which was got for me by my friend from India. And of course the ring as well which is made in peridot is another one of my pieces which accompanied this piece.

Styling : For styling I went in this beautiful black body styled here and off- white linen skirt. I wore these beautiful black 'Ava' pumps by Heyraud and purple/mauve bag from H& M.

For me this was how I chose to style it especially in black as I wanted the true beauty of the jewelry to show as against the black top.

How would you style it alternatively? Do share your styling tips for this jewellery piece by leaving your comments. I do love to read them and I'll definitely do same to respond.


                        Shoes - Ava by Hayraud
                        Purse - H&M
                        Wristwatch - Gucci
                       Jewelry (Ring & Necklace) juliettsstyleglam                      




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