Hi everyone, and welcome to another beautiful week of Lent. Some may ask what Lent is, but it's that period where Catholics go deep into themselves and try to remind themselves the reason why Jesus died for us. It's a period of waiting, where a lot is put into perspective and solitary reflection is usually the way to go while praying and fasting. That not withstanding, spring has sprung on us and this is the period of blush tones, roses, pinks and beautiful pastel colours.

In another development, if you had watched my last Youtube video, I had hinted at something happening to me. Well, I was bitten by a dog in the week following this post and I tell you it was the most scary thing ever. This is the second time I'm having a dog accident ( the first being when I was little girl in Nigeria and there was this crazy owner who had no control over its dog. Well, I have a scar to show for it to this day, and you can expect my parents were less than happy about it. The dog was found dead a few weeks later ( I do't know who did it, but it was a big relief for me) and  here I am as a mum and this time it was a dog bite.

Seriously if asked I can't really explain what led to the accident except for the fact that the owner had a crying baby and the dog was already nervous, so I'm guessing my presence didn't agree very well with the dog.
So long story short, the police got involved and I've been on anti bionics and rabies shots which just ended last week.  This is one of those events that I understood that my faith was being tested and my strength of forgiveness because the lady was less than sorry which is a story for another day and her attitude just made me want to take the case to court, but like I said, the power of forgiveness had to win. So here I am, but dog bites won't stop us from being great for spring 😋 would it?

If you had read my Valentine's Day post, I'd talked about outfit transformation and you'll be seeing more of that on the blog.
With Spring blowing full circuit one cannot help but feel the pull of blush colours. Personally I love them as they have this beautiful sophistication and chic feel to them.

The beauty about blush tones is that they go with every skin shade. You name your complexion and there'll be one to match you. If you are very frequent on Instagram, then you must have noticed lots of bloggers  and influencers use this colour in their photos as shoes, tops, skirts you name it and it gets better, you could totally go monochrome on this.

As a rule of thumb which I cited here, there are certain rules to blush colours. usually to add more texture, you could easily go for laces, suedes and in chiffon as they tend to be show more body to the look. For this look I wore mine as a skirt see full outfit here with a black ruffled top and black lace leather belt. For shoes you could totally go with black pumps or nudes like I did from BCBG.

Don't be afraid to go the glitz and glam route with blush colours especially when going out at night either for a dinner, party or club. They never cease to make you dazzle the more.

The look was completed with gold coloured cultured pearls of about 3 strands as I wanted a full neckline, same for the bracelets.

And of course make up done by yours truly which I will be attaching to this post, so don't fail to watch and who knows you could learn a few tricks and of course subscribe !!!!!!

Are you also in the blush tone craze?  How do you like to wear them? Do share your tips in the comment section and I'll definitely be sure to reply.



Blush tone dress - Molly Bracken
Nude pumps - BCBG Maxazria
Black ruffled top - gifted
Pearl necklace & bracelets - juliettsstyleglam
rings - H&M


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