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Phew what a scary month of March it's been, but we cool now. If anyone had ever told me that I'd be going goo goo ga ga over robe coats they definitely were right. This lovely trend which has blessed the runway and still is, is a fashion must have. Talk about effortless chic and throw on what ever and you're good to go.  Don't you agree?

One of the beauties of this wonderful piece of clothing is the fact that it's a transition piece be it for fall or spring. After that, colour is a matter of choice and how you want to play the effortless chic. The robe coat I had on was almost a gift to me and I couldn't resist, as I got it from a store that kind of conned me kinda and I had the good fortune of purchasing it for 10 bucks. ( Can you imagine that).  In full beautiful blue velvet, the coat didn't disappoint as I was worried that my arms would struggle to fit as I've got big upper arms. ( my luck).

Like I stated earlier the robe coat is so effortless chic and I decided to go the very casual route with this beautiful pair of striped track pants which I got from Calzedonia similar here or here. I paired it with a sleeveless T from H&M. I have a love for Ts and I look to purchase a lot in mostly white & blacks and sometimes grey. and y'all know I love me some turbans. This isn't the usual type I tie, this one is made from chiffon and quite a little little difficult to manage. To finish off the look I went in with a pair of black strap sandals from a store here in Nantes.

The highlight for me for the this ensemble has got to be the mustard yellow makeup look which in all honesty was totally unplanned. I've done quite a number of make up looks but this one stands out for me as really super chic and I get that 60s vibe from the eyes as I used stacked lashes to achieve the dramatic lashes + nude lips.

I would have gone for a street style title for this post but in light of the fact that I had to shoot indoors, totally changed that concept for me.  And finally, I accessorised with these beautiful blue+white pearls which I totally adore for the sexiness of this look.

Tip: When using loud or bold colours on the eyes for makeup, it is strongly advised that you go nude, as they tend to balance out the look and give out effortless beauty especially during the spring summer transition. If you want work friendly makeup, you could just switch and go nude matte + bold lips.
Another very important point of note is that if you are looking to make your eyes appear bigger, matte colours on the eye give that effect.

And that my glamazons, is that.  See you in all in my next post


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