I always like to think that there are certain fabrics that make all  the difference for a style and outfit. Don't get me wrong, different people with different tastes. As someone who's crazy about Fashion & designing clothes, I never stop my imagination from running amok when it comes to styling pieces or buying fabric.

I had mentioned here, about my love for organza and why the fabric makes one of my top fabrics to style and design. When I found this piece it came in as one unique piece as they wasn't a mass product of it, which is one of the reasons I tend to source for fabric. I look for unique pieces that you'll really have a hard time finding a duplicate, I also imagine what kind of outfit would make this fabric stand out after it was used.

                                                            Today's Outfit

 As mentioned, I usually do couture pieces & have them made for me? My designs, my style. I decided to make a bell sleeves top with it, not just because it's an ongoing trend, but it has become a classic for me as they never seem to disappear. (remember bell bottoms anyone) which are also making a comeback. The versatility of the bell sleeves  can't be undermined as it could be a daytime/casual look, dinner and you could as well rock this to work. Worn here with a beautiful faux leather wide belt to accentuate the figure.

                                                              Styling tips

Casual chic - As worn in this post, with a pair of 3/4 pants which are in linen btw know more on this fabric and a pair of beautiful dainty white mules from André shoes. Keep it simple, chic and move on. Perfect for lunch with friends and promenades. The sexiness of the sleeves oh my sexiness.

                                                                Date night

Remember Beyonce's Run Tour anyone. That laced up bell sleeves top by Micheal Castello spoke in different tongues that night. The allure of the sleeves and light and  the sparkle. Bell sleeves give that extra sexiness and vibe when out on a date night. Accessorise with some extra sparkly jewelry ( rings and bracelets are my fav to accentuate the beauty of your hands and the sleeves and go with a killer bag and watch the wind  and lights work their magic.

And finally,  as a work outfit. I love to be able to rock one outfit so many times in different ways. It sure beats having to go shopping at all times just because you want something to wear. A thought to keep in mind when it comes to buying or making clothes; the ability to transform and re-use the same outfit multiple times. Read this and this. Now this is tricky but it can work. Wear it inside a lovely sling hand top and it doubles as a combination top over a skirt or pair of black pants and you are good to go.

Have you been bitten yet by the bell sleeves trend? How do you love to wear it and for what occasion?

Thanks for leaving your comments and I'll see you all in my next post


Organza Bell Sleeves top (fabric sourced & designed by juliettsstyleglam)
White mules - André
Linen 3/4 pants - Camaieu
Bucket bag - Cherry Paris
Makeup - juliettsstyleglam
jewelry ( glass bracelet + Y necklace) designed and made by juliettsstyleglam
faux leather belt - unknown

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