Thank God it's Friday people. How are you all doing ? In recent times I've found myself getting seriously impatient and short tempered. In my job search bid, I always get this idea that whatever company I send my CV to would surely respond as quickly as possible. It has always worked for me. In my previous jobs I never waited so long to find a job. Patience has never been my forte. 😩

In the midst of all my turmoil, I have to remind myself that good things happen to those who persevere and go after it and the best things in life usually are hard to come by. I know where I'm going to and I already envision all that I want to do in the forthcoming years, but like I said, patience has never been my forte. So, I'm going to share with you all how I've been able to find my good place and what's been helping me get there especially when I've got a million and one things I want to juggle.

Firstly, I've decided to start exercising as a form of clearing my head out. I usually do it, but for a while I haven't hit the thread mill and I think it's time to take it up again.  Another thing I love doing is talking walks. Back in Nigeria I usually did and it was a habit I gradually grew out of when I arrived in France, save for my dietician who asked me why I didn't continue and urged me to take it up again.
I also tend to fill my mind with inspirational quotes, watch and follow people who I aspire to and learn from them. I tell you, if you follow me on the gram, most of those quotes are usually as a form of reminder to me on what I need to be doing and thinking and practicing and boy it does help. And this one is my personal fav, which is meditation. I've never taken yoga classes, but one thing I was taught during my academic year was meditation.

Here's how : Remove your shoes and socks and stand on the grass or ground. make sure there's earth beneath your feet. Then you kind of plant yourself firmly to the ground by sinking all of your weight down to your legs and close your eyes. Let your imagination do the rest. The first time did this I cried just like that and it felt good.  How do you find your good place ?

Today's outfit:
Tweed peplum top ( Chanel)
Distressed jeans - DIY
Bag ( long time ago)
shoes - Bocage
Hair - juliettsstyleglam
Make up -juliettsstyleglam

TIP:  Hairdo using the crochet method. (front and back woven)
To achieve the bun, Hold the braids in the front hair with a bun or elastic,  after which you roll the braids on itself. Pin to style and you're done. 😀


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