How are you all doing and a wonderful Mother's day to all you mums, wives and mums to be. I'll confess that there are lots of mother's day dates in the world that it's hard to keep up. I'm not sure which is which anymore. But all the same it's amazing to celebrate mums cos they should be celebrated all the time.

After my previous post, I actually decide to take a break me and my family for the weekend to Brussels and it was really amazing I tell you. With a head so full it does pay to just stick it somewhere and cool off and cool off it did. The weather was really amazing as the weather in France and most parts of the world has kept us really confused. hahaha.

With summer approaching and the sun beginning to come out of hiding, a lot of us chicas are already on to our summer shopping. Truth be told during the summer, I hardly shop as most items are really stuff that are really light weight fabric and we seek more breeze than being fully dressed. My love for shopping has to be for high heeled sandals, and mules which are usually worn for outings. That said, that's not to say that you can't still be glam on a dime. I think it's the way to go anyway.
What's your fashion mantra during the summer?

My outfit in this post cost less than 10 euros of course except the bag and shoes which I'd purchased in another life. hehehe..
For this season I usually love to do shorts and dresses and skirts of course for wonderful aeration if you catch my drift while keeping it glam, colourful and simple of course.

The shorts were purchased for €5.99 and the top was for €3.60. Did I hear someone say WHAAATT ?!!! and then a star is born. Yipeeee!!!!!

Since the weather isn't as warm as we'd hope though with some sun, I put on a pair of panty hose in nudes and the look is done. You could totally rock this on a lunch date with hubby or boyfriend as was my case here.

Alternatively, if you don't like panty hose, opt out of them, put on a pair on tongs and a sleeveless T with a large sized floppy hat and you are beach babe ready.

I hope you have fun reading and do share your thoughts as I'd love to read them.

N.B Another tip to wearing panty hose is aside the fact that it keeps you warm, it's a beautiful camouflage accessory for the skin. Look for the transparent nudes that match your skin hue et voila, you're beautifully done. 😀

Bisous mes amours

Esmara navy blue shorts - Lidl ( A grocery store found in most parts of Europe akin to Trader Joe's)
Embellished top - Vero moda
Panty hose -Well Elastivoile ( transparent)
Shoes here
Bag - 1.2.3. (un deux trois)
Glasses - here
Satin scarf as bow (gifted)

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