I won't lie to you all, though I've never sported ankara looks on my blog before, but I have a very strong undying love for ankara and hollandaise. Yes, there's a difference to the two and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Hello everyone and you are awesomely welcome to my blog. For today's post, we decided to go all the way to Africa the mother land where colours come alive in all shapes, forms and sizes.
I've actually had this fabric for a while but for lack of a competent tailor who could put it together I decided to leave it be. After the last one sewed her version of what she thought was a high low dress for me, I just stopped and dashed her the rest of my fabric.

That aside, ankara fabric which is usually 100% cotton is such a versatile and dynamic fabric. They exist in different vibrant colours and the uses for this fabric is endless. It could serve as a work outfit, to casual and combined with your regular work clothes and you'll still come out looking a million bucks.

For today's look, I went for the high low top over a beautiful black dress. Adorned in shoes by Florence Foscatti here and black clutch. My favourite part of this look would be the mohawk which I sported to give that wow effect et absolutment, j'adore. I left the make up super simple and chic.

Alternative styling tips:
Pair it with a pair of skinny jeans or distressed jeans to give off that casual chic vibe. Also you can go in with a large belt to give off the full figured look over the body con dress as seen above.
Thirdly, this is a look I would have loved to try save for the fact that the weather was really warm that day, go in with a pair of beautiful shorts and sleeveless T  or long sleeved over a pair of knee length boots. Ohhh la classe 😍😍.

Do you like African Print like I do and how would you like to style them?

Do leave your comments below and I'd definitely respond to them.

Ciao  👋👋👋

Ankara top
Shoes - Florence Foscatti or Zalando

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