Hey people and a wonderful floral day to you all. This post should have gone up sometime last week, but I had totally forgotten how crazy my schedule usually is for the month of May till July. How are you all doing? I've totally missed you all.

Speaking about missing you all, I just want to quickly say here that our planet is ours and it needs our care and attention as much as anything in our life. The future of our children lies in the way we take care of the planet. The truth is that the planet doesn't need us, we need the planet and for us to exist, we've got to take care of her. So, if you haven't hopped on the bandwagon yet, please do so and source information on how to go green in your own little way starting from your home.

That said, during the spring/summer, we can't help but notice the beautiful flowers all around us and I usually just love to sit with them and bask in their beauty as well and that's why I think that the best form of inspiration you could get in art or fashion comes from flowers.

Debuting this piece on my blog, I decided to go with it for an Iro & Buba (If you're Nigerian, you'll know what it is. It's a two-piece outfit of a top and a wrapper or sarong depends on the length you wish). I totally fell for the innovative way of tying this outfit which our mothers made popular and theirs was tied pretty conventionally with just folding or tying the wrapper in at the back and that was it, but today's own comes with a twist earning it the name of the knot wrapper because it's tied in a knot either in front or at the side. (See video here)

I remember the first time I debuted the Iro and boba in this fashion, I got so many compliments on how beautiful a dress it was, alas, it's a two-piece.
The versatility of the Iro and Buba and how you could transform it makes this clothing item a must-have for the summer. I usually prefer the ones with florals and floral designs but you could totally go the way you want and bright colours seem to do it for me.

For this look I decided to go with my full-on natural hair which many of you will be seeing me for the first time,  the boba came in moderate ballon sleeves which are so trendy right now and really kept it simple with a pair of low mules here in white and a purple purse from H&M and here. What I love about this outfit is the slit that comes after tying the knot which shows a little leg and it's so godammn sexy.

How would you rock your Iro & Buba, the traditional way or the knot wrapper style?

Alternatively, the beauty of the Buba ( the top)  especially is that you could have a cold shoulder top of the same fabric to go with it which is super sexy, or you could combine it with a simple T or debardeur of your choosing and totally look beach-ready with a wonderful wide-brimmed floppy hat or sun hat, a pair of tongs et voila.
and guess what, the fabric choices are endless, from cotton, silks, voile, satins, chiffons, you name it, c'est à toi de jouer ....

To go full-on glam, go for the embellished pieces which I totally adore and a beautiful pair of high heels or pumps, a turban of your choosing to match the colour of your outfit and a tote bag or bucket bag for the ultimate chic and glam look.

I'll insert a video here on how to tie the Iro & Buba and do have fun watching.

Please do leave your comments down below as I'd love to read them and see you all in my next post.


Iro & Buba -juliettsstyleglam
mules - André
purse - H&M

Make up - juliettsstyleglam

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