On days when the weather isn't really all that and then the weather man pulls a fast one on you, you've to got to kill it honey.

Hello y'all, how are you all doing. If you are an ardent reader of my blog, then you'll know  and definitely have seen this skirt here, it was totally in a different style. I decided to go for another combination this year with the same skirt and I'll tell you I'm glad I did. Yo!!! Sister is looking banging 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻 Thank you very much.

The decision to go for a white top (body and/ or shirt) was born more out of curiosity. The weather was looking grey and I just wanted something to brighten the day. Needless to say that the compliments I got and potential clients was way more than I could imagine.

In this case, one cannot underestimate the power of wearing white over clothing be it on a pair of pants or as a top. It gives off angelic features and seems to make everything better and that was exactly how I felt that day. So here's my take on when wearing white makes all the difference:

1.It brightens your complexion and your gives off a vibrant look around you. People notice you and seemingly assume you're happy.

2. It enlivens  your outfit just as seen in the picture. Juxtapose it with the older post and you'll understand what I'm talking about. see here

3. White is known not to absorb heat, so even the the temperatures are trying to melt the earth, your body temperature is relatively cool. 👍😉

4. You've got to be daring to be able to wear white, on this particular argument, I totally agree, I've heard people say that they run away from wearing white cos of getting stained accidentally. Secondly, when you are a boss or at your workplace, you ooze a certain kind of seriousness about you, that isn't to be taken lightly. No, not at all.
 And you how has wearing white come through for you? Do leave your comments below, I'd love to read them as well.

To complete this gorgeous look, I went in with this gorgeous pair of light green open toe pumps with white borders and silver studs, put my hair in a pin-up  pony tail and glammed up with a natural looking everyday make up look.

And that sums up the details for this look guys. See you all in my next post.

White body
White shirt
Floral flay skirt : juliettsstyleglam
Open toe pumps : Modatoi
Necklace ( made from crystals & turquoise seed beads): juliettsstyleglam
Silk scarf


  1. I think the white brings out the colours of the skirt to life even more. U look beautiful and very summery. Both tops work really well and yes u r looking banging!! Ur legs look gorgeous and ur face as ever is really pretty. Ur eyes are so beautiful. ;) x x x x


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