Nothing beats the fresh look of wearing whites during the summer be it on the beach or out in the city, the freshness of wearing white is so undeniable. I'm drawn to white a lot more especially in cottons and linens because of the breathable nature of the fabric and how it allows air circulate around the body especially when the heat is intense.

My previous post highlights why. While it was alluring to have an all white affair going on, I wanted to keep it really chic and comfy as white is such an easy way to look fresh all day long and sister loves the fresh look.

Spotted in white linen pants which I absolutely adore and don't get me wrong, you could go a variety of ways in the all white trend, for this look I decided to go with a pop of colour just because and I ain't mad.

While others would argue that white is an all year round colour and I agree, but I find it does it for me more during the summer and this look could have been rocked in multiple ways.

1. I chose chic comfort for this look, suitable for lunch with friends or a la hubby. I decided to go with this lovely black leather backpack, that's so chic and cute ( hubby gifted it by the way) so I just have the essentials with me and of course with the heat, I wasn't looking forward to a bucket bag or something to make my palms sweaty and I finished off the look with these beautiful bracelet i got in a street market for 10 euros and crystal handmade necklace click here. Now these lemonade braids or side cornrows is something else. Yo girl was having an #issachic moment. hahaha
                                                   Are you a fan of backpacks as well?

2. Rather than go in with these beautiful pair  of pointy heel wedges which are super comfortable by the way, you could totally do pointy flats in nudes or rose pink as I find the marriage between nudes and white really gives texture to your appearance.

3. You could easily swap the back pack for a sling bag in white or nude and you still look a million bucks honey. No hard feelings 😉😉.

Nevertheless, when doing an all white affair, as I stated earlier, the possibilities are endless. Your white outfit could come in a lace dress or silk, lace shorts, kimonos, it actually depends on you and the look you're going for. Solange Knowles who remains the queen of white events lets you decide, just better come in white and all will be fine.

                                How would you rock an All White Affair look?

And thanks so much for dropping by. See y'all in my next post....



  1. You look gorgeous! The makeup and outfit is well suiting!

    Funmi x

  2. I agree to you! Wearing white during summer is so wonderful fresh and I like the outfit you combined. I personally like white especially with culottes and shorts and a shirt but also white dresses are really something I like.
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  3. I like your hair and the white oufit, perfect for a summer look!!!

  4. U look so beautiful. Pictures 3 and 10 especially caught me. Ur eyes are SO BEAUTIFUL!! lol That pic of u looking up- ur eyes and lashes are incredible. U r such a pretty lady. ;) I hope u r well. I love ur classy style. x x x


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