At the moment of getting dressed for this photoshoot, I'll be very truthful to you guys, I wasn't sure that it was gonna come out this good. I had gone through the motions in my mind, the pros and cons and what possible flaws I'd have. But all in all I just had to try it to see for myself. I'm someone who doesn't believe I could be limited by anything, even when I don't have the wherewithal to get it at the time. I just believe it will come at the right time and it always does.

The popular saying "Necessity is the mother of invention" seem familiar anyone? I usually say, a creative, imaginative mind and will power is the mother of all inventions. hehehehe

Hello people and how are you all doing? I hope you all are having a fabulous week so far.

I love fashion and I'm not apologetic about it. One thing I've always dreamt of doing in fashion is being able to use my creations more in more ways than one and no one has to know about it. So when the opportunity came once more, I absolutely wanted to wear a skirt; it had to be a skirt and I wanted something full and breezy. In previous posts here and here you would know that this isn't something new to me. At this point I'm trying to push my self and limits as to what I could create out of what one has. I'm also thinking of investing in a sewing machine guys. Yeah, a sewing machine. I have no frigging idea how to sew, I just know how to sketch, design & style, but I know that all I've got to do is get my hands dirty and the rest will come. Yes, it's that serious.

Anyways, this is a method I learnt from my mum during our school dance days that we had to wear our mums' hollandaise or dutch wax to perform and it was an event never to miss. It was okay to be part of the dance group. We didn't want to contest for leadership position, as long as you could dance and were chosen, the rest was history. And it was fun.

Did you have any fun activities you did as a child? I would love to know and has it contributed to your creative mind as well?

So, this method involved using a long piece of fabric mostly thin so that the point of attachment doesn't show and you flip the fabric over this long fabric or rope. You could make it into steps if you wanted or it could be equal. Blend the ends together or pin it and you have a beautiful skirt. For this piece I used my long piece of fabric which was the scarf of the iro and buba as a bow to give a chic vibe to the look. The fabric is lace organza by the way. The top is a see through gold mesh woven top I absolutely adore and yes, it's in real gold threads, so it's slightly heavy. Had it for while as it's really delicate to wear.

To finish off the look I accessorised with this beautiful black bead necklace which was gifted to me by my classmate during my MBA and black strap sandals styled here and a lace clutch bag here.

I would love to read your comments on this post, keep them coming and thank you so much for visiting.


Black skirt -juliettsstyleglam
shoes -soko store
lace clutch - un deux trois
gold top - ?
Makeup - juliettsstyleglam



  1. Wow that 4th pic really struck me. That is such a stunning pic of u. Ur eyes r so sexy and ur lips r gorgeous. U did really well with this outfit and id love to see how ur sewing idea turns out. Go for it- u may find u have a gift for it. For me I spent many hours tinkering with things in my dads workshop which gave me the confidence to get my hands dirty and fix things!
    x x x

  2. First, and most importantly...i love your flawless eye makeup. It is da bomb! And yes, I do remember, those days...I participated in a dance group back home, in secondary school specifically, and that was how we prepped the wrappers for the dance. Great intuition on that hun.
    About the sewing machine...I say go for it! Thats how my sister got started. She knew nothing about sewing except that she wanted to make her own pieces ( aside form the issue of constant disappointments by the seamstress here). Anyways, I am amazed and proud of how far she has come so far. You look Gorgeous dear.


  3. Those shoes are stunning!! I used to play soccer as a kid and loved it xx

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  4. The pictures turned definitely out great and I really love the look you have chosen! No doubt! And I see you did amazing things as childs ... wonderful!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  5. Stunning! I love your hair, very inspiring!



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