"I am not pretty, I am not beautiful. I am as radiant as the sun."

Talk about the beautiful sun and sunset and that's the sentiment these photos have for me. The day of the shoot, it was so hot that it was difficult to breathe. I'm a water sign so when it comes to heat, I appreciate it to a bearable minimum, anything exceeding 24-25° could leave me unconscious or better still delusional. Talk about someone who comes from a tropical country where we feed off the sun day and night, but hey story for another day.

The sunset inspired the writing for this post, because talking about pretty and beautiful didn't just cut it. We should all be as radiant as the sun.  Let something wonderful about you shine through and watch magic happen

We can't deny the influx of stripes this year on the runways as well as this spring. I will say here that I'm one of those people who follow the mantra of horizontal & vertical stripes and how it affects the body shape. I beg to differ today as Instagram fashion bloggers and Les Maisons proved otherwise.
Actually I leave it for the brave.

Stripes for me have to be vertical as they tend to refine and give the body a slimmer look and horizontals do otherwise. So depending on the look you're going for, the choice is yours.

The look spotted for this post is an ensemble and I usually do wear them separately due to the pyjama effect, but seeing the looks given by Gigi Hadid et al, I was eventually made a believer and I'll tell you I love it. The flow of the pants and the casual fit of the top, is just right. Since it's that time of the year, I decided to go with a pair of sandals with wooden heels which i've had for a long time and I hardly remember to wear, ( beats me why). Accessories were kept to a minimum with a beautiful shiny green faux leather pochette bag to complement the look.

Now alternatively,  (ONLY FOR THE BRAVE)
You could match your stripes with floral embroidered tops or pants depending on what you have or seek. The varieties are endless
Go for statement pairs of shoes like embroidered sandals, wedges and pumps. Like I stated, the choices and varieties to styling stripes are endless (who knew...)

And on that note homies, see you all in my next post.



  1. I like your outfit and make up. Very nice pictures. I am following you via gfc and google plus. Maybe you want follow me too 😊

  2. I like your outfit. I am following your blog now and I hope you follow me back too 😊

  3. .....'that is the questions'.....
    Beautiful woman another beautiful look stripes really suit you and I AM ABSOLUTELY LOVING THE NEW HAIRSTYLE. I hope you've been alright. I haven't been as active due to my grumpy NEW BORN!! :-D Well she's 3 months on Friday so not much of a newborn no more. :) Thank you so much for sharing this with us! Dominica from London, xXx

  4. Yes my dear, you are as radiant as the sun! Your make up is flawless. I love this look...hits a couple of trends...the strips and pajama trend! An I agree, stripes can be paired with endless patterns and colors.

  5. U look wonderful as always. U look really beautiful in a jumpsuit. I always like to see what u r wearing because u shine more radiantly than the sun. The sun I could look at only for a moment but u I could look at for hours because u r so beautiful. If the weather there is too hot u could always come to see me in England- it may be more your temperature, here though with ur presence it would certainly get hotter. ;) x x x


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