Hello loves and how are you all doing this beautiful day. I had intention of making this post all about the richness of the African culture and the inspiration of where our fashion sense comes from.

I get a strong feeling of nostalgia so much anytime I wear most of my attires from Nigeria. At the time most of these ankara clothes were made, I was trying to get the tailor onto my list of tailors for clothes making when I begin to put things in order. This was some 5 years ago. I was super elated cos I felt nothing could wrong.

Fast forward to today, I decided to enquire about this friend whom I had a mutual interest with and guess what? He is now a drug addict. When I mean he's now a drug addict, I'm speaking on the move druggie, find it by all means possible and necessary. And there goes a dream, a vision,  poof into the air. 

I could say not for me, yes, because I'm not the one affected but it does affect me as I've lost a confidant and business partner. My journey becomes harder.

In all of this I then realise how easy it is for us to become distracted from our goals. Distractions come as little as being glued to TV and fav programs to postponing what we could do now for later that eventually turns to a million years especially when we're stressed or undergoing some form of drama.

While listening to the one of the sermon's from the priest at Mass, the gospel touched on the Jesus rebuking the devil and how Jesus commanded the demon to leave the man it possessed. The priest used a word that resonated with me, he said that with the devil it's a no, 'non-negotiable'. He made us to understand that we'll be faced with trials, difficulties and of course evil thoughts bear into our hearts offering a way out. It's NON-NEGOTIABLE. 

The ability for us not to give in to that which seems promising and perfect and rather slug it out, that's where the prize lies and that's what propels us to the next level

How many times have we fallen, for the easy way out? How many times have we let our dreams and visions die, get discouraged and abandoned our pursuits?  

Well, I have, I'm not going to tell you I haven't, but I've been able to find my way back. I've been able to tell myself enough of the BS something's got to give and most importantly it's important that the moment we find our footing, we should extend a hand. I have begun measures to see if I could get him into some sort of rehabilitation. It's not easy as he's not willing yet, but I've got to keep trying. You'll be seeing some more of his designs on IG and I tell you you'll be blown away by his talent.

On that note, #saynotodrugs and if you find yourself in such a situation seek help, talk to someone. 
It's said a problem shared is a problem solved.




  1. You can work a camera Juliett. I’m loving that your skirt, you are killing it.

  2. Love the pics from the side and behind- ur booty looks super sexy in this skirt. Beautiful! ;) x x x

  3. Hi beautiful lady!
    You look amazing and I like your photos!
    You have great blog, and i like it so much!
    I follow you so I'd love to follow back! Hope see you soon!
    Have a nice day, dear!

  4. Wow, I love your maxi skirt!
    Great make up too!
    Kisses, Paola.

  5. NIce outfit and eyeshadow! Love your make up!
    Anyway, woul you like to followig each other? Let me know!


  6. So sad about your friend! Th struggle is real on finding the perfect tailor..Ha! I do love the skirt and your styling. Your makeup is always flawless with a beautiful glow. Love It!

  7. Girl, you look AMAZING! I love the skirt!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  8. This skirt looks awsome :-*

    Melanie /

  9. Would love to see u style a mermaid dress. x x


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